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Thursday, January 8, 2009

YEAH...I did it!

Okay, so for those of you that are computer savvy, this won't sound like a huge accomplishment. But -- I figured out how to create a button that will link to my blog. Yippee! Now, anyone can grab it, and place it on their blog or site, and it will link back here. How cool is that?!!?

Now...if only I could figure out how to make a text box with the code so you all could copy & paste. Anyone out there in bloggy world that can help me figure that out? I'd greatly appreciate ya!

Anyway, enjoy my blog button (check the right column). I'm really starting to like this blog stuff more and more. And -- I'm hoping to gather more and more readers...only time will tell. :)


anne said...

yeah i think I know what you mean, I can help you if u like though, just message me on my tagboard. oh and thank you so much for the comment, I really apreciate it.

anne said...

First you have to register yourself in photobucket.com and upload the logo their when its save it would create a code under the picture or logo.

I tried to make an example here but it wont allow me the html cannot be accepted. If you have email I can explain you more or just make one for u. if that is ok?

Cher said...

If you still need help email me at ckachelmuss@gmail.com

and I will send the html. I tried here but it won't allow it and I couldn't find your email anywhere.

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