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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Menu Plan July 27-August 3, 2014

Well, we got a bit off track last week, but I’m hoping this week is better.  Here’s what’s on the menu this week…
Sunday – Grilled Hot Dogs
Monday – Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rice, Snap Peas
Tuesday – Tacos
Wednesday – Grilled Chicken over Salad
Thursday – Breakfast for Dinner
Friday – Million Dollar Spaghetti, Salad
Saturday – YOYO
What’s on your menu this week?  The Million Dollar Spaghetti is a new dish for us, so I’m hoping it goes over well with the family. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Menu Plan July 20-26, 2014

The boys and I were out of town for the past week because Caleb had summer camp in Georgia, and I’m so tired of eating junk and eating out.  However, that doesn’t mean it was easy to get back into cooking this evening.  Nonetheless, I did though, and I’m hoping to keep it up.  Smile  Here’s what’s cooking at our home this week…
Sunday – Meatloaf, Pasta, Green Bean Casserole
Monday – Homemade Baked Beef Chimichangas
Tuesday – Saucy Mozzarella Patties, Noodles, Snap Peas
Wednesday – Grilled Burgers
Thursday – YOYO
Friday – Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rice, Veggies
Saturday – Tacos
What’s cooking at your house this week?  Are you trying any new recipes or just sticking with the family favorites?

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