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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childress Homeschool Academy

Well, the preschool year for Caleb will soon be over (less than 4 weeks). So, it's time for me to kick the homeschool preparations into full gear. I finally ordered the rest of his curriculum today. So, we should be set with all of that. There are a few more things that I'll need to buy locally, but I can get those here soon. Brian put together some shelving for me in the office/homeschool room this weekend, so we should be set with that as well. We're running out of space, so hopefully I can make good use of the shelving we have.

Caleb is getting super excited about homeschooling, and he's ready to start. He keeps asking me how much longer until it starts. I'm sure the excitement will soon wear off once we get into the daily grind.

I figured it was time to come up with an official name for our homeschool as well. The state of Georgia doesn't require it, but I thought it would be nice to have for Caleb once he's old enough to start filling out applications/resumes of such (I know...I'm thinking WAY ahead of myself). So, the name of our homeschool will be Childress Homeschool Academy. I know...nothing spectacular, but it works.

So, let the countdown begin until Childress Homeschool Academy officially opens it's doors...June 2nd here we come!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

All dressed up...

Brian and I have decided that it's time we get plugged into a local church. So, we're going to start attending Bonaire First Baptist. We used to attend this church back before we had Caleb, but for some reason we quit going. We visited back in January, but were hesitant to continue. But -- since then, Brian has signed up several church members with his credit card processing company. So, we feel more "at home" knowing people.

Today, we made our first visit as a family. We were going to attempt Sunday School because Brian knows one of the teachers for our age group, but we thought we'd try church first being as this would be Micah's first church visit. We're going to start Sunday School next week. Anyway, I had to take a picture of our precious baby boy in his first church outfit. He just looked super cute.

He did GREAT in the nursery. He was actually the only baby, so he got lots and lots of attention. Caleb also did well in Children's Church. We just need to work on keeping him a bit quieter in "big" church until time for Children's Church. Hopefully he'll be a quick learner.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, it looks like our sweet baby boy Micah is dealing with a mild case of reflux. I took him into the pediatrician today because he sounded more congested than usual. He has also been extremely fussy over the past week. He'll go from happy and smiling to screaming bloody murder lickety-split. We didn't know what was wrong. Well, the doctor said his ears and lungs looked great; however, he did sound a bit stuffed up. We continued to discuss Micah, and I mentioned that he has some issues when laying down at night. He still sleeps all night, but he seems quite agitated at times once we lay him down. He'll lift his head as if he's got something in his throat, and we'll sometimes hear him gurgling. He will occasionally spit-up as well, and he often has bad gas. After hearing all of this, the pediatrician mentioned that we should try him on some Zantac. So, we're going to do some Saline Nasal spray for the congestion and Zantac twice a day for the reflux. We'll continue to monitor the situation to see if this is helping. So, keep your fingers crossed that our sweet, happy-go-lucky little guy will be back in no time. I'll keep you all updated!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Field Day 2008

Caleb's preschool had Field Day today. It was a fun-filled event, and Caleb had a good time. However, we did have to have a few heart-to-hearts about his "attitude". He's such a competitor, and being a four-year-old, he is super impatient. He was getting so mad when he had to "wait his turn." Hopefully he'll grasp the waiting concept in due time. He did well in the events, and in the end EVERYONE was a winner.

Getting ready for the potato race

Tossing clothespins into the bucket

In the middle of a toss...super concentration...see the tongue

Chicken toss

Sack race

Filling the bucket with water

Obstacle course

Practicing the bucket walk

My winner

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding old friends

When I told Brian I was going to create this site, he wasn't too thrilled. I think he saw it as one more thing to occupy my time. Or, I think he put it as, "As if you don't have enough to do as it is." Anyway, the point is, it wasn't on the top of his "to-do" list. But -- I thought it was a neat idea, so I carried on with the plan.

Well, this morning, I think Brian is changing his tune. We got a comment from one of his old seminary roommates, Peter. Well, come to find out, Peter lives in Atlanta and does photography. Who would have thought that by creating a family blog site that Brian would get reacquainted with friends from his past?!!? I don't think Brian ever would have guessed that. He was thrilled to hear from Peter, and he immediately called him. They're in the midst of setting up a time to get together to catch up on what's happened since the last time they saw each other.

So, this just goes to prove that when you think something isn't worthwhile, it may very well be indeed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Swim Lessons

With our upcoming beach trip, we figured it was wise to put Caleb back in swim lessons for a few more sessions. He took 3 sessions last summer, and he's now in his 4th session. By the end of his 3rd session last summer he was swimming on his own. I'm sure once he "re-learns" the strokes, he'll be swimming on his own again this time. Here are some pictures that Omi took when she and Opa were able to watch his first lesson.

Badminton anyone???

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Learning to swing

We've been trying to teach Caleb how to swing for the longest time. Well, today, he finally took the time to listen and actually try. So, I think he may have finally caught on to the idea. Here's a picture of him practicing his new skill.

Playing with Omi

Caleb and Omi took a break from working on the birdhouse project to play a bit. Here are some pictures of them having fun.

Caleb & Micah's Birdhouse

Brian's parents came down on Friday to visit for the w-end. They are known as Opa and Omi. Well, Opa is into woodworking, and he's always making birdhouses. So, he surprised Caleb and Micah with a birdhouse of their own. Today we headed to Home Depot to get the necessary supplies to put the birdhouse in the back yard. Caleb had lots of fun helping Opa get everything ready for the birdhouse.

Caleb helping Opa make the hole

Opa trying to make the hole deeper

Caleb getting his turn with the hole digger

Caleb filling the hole back up and Brian acting all macho

The finished product

Up-close shot of the birdhouse Opa made

Caleb helping Opa fill the bird feeder

Filling up the 2nd bird feeder

Hanging up the bird feeders

Mommy & Daddy

It's rare that you get to see pictures of me with either of the kids. So, I made Brian snap a quick shot of Micah and I today. We were outside watching Caleb and Opa install a new birdhouse (more on that to come later). I then captured a quick picture of Brian and Micah later today. So, here we are with our boy. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brotherly Love

When we found out I was pregnant, we really didn't know how this would affect Caleb. He had been the only child for quite some time. Adding a sibling to the mix wasn't going to be easy. But -- we were wrong. He's adjusted so well, and he adores Micah. He's all the time asking to hold him, and he follows me back to the nursery to change his diaper, get him dressed, etc. He's proving to be such an awesome big brother. I truly cannot wait to watch them grow up together and interact. I'm hoping they'll become the best of friends as well as great brothers.

Friday, April 18, 2008

All smiles

Micah started smiling right at 4 weeks of age. Of course I didn't have the camera ready to capture his first smile. But -- I did manage to capture him smiling today. He's such a cutie, and he's even cuter when he smiles. He is also becoming more and more alert. It's so fun to watch him light up when we talk to him. I can't wait to see him interact with Caleb once he gets a bit older. He's also growing like a WEED. I weighed him today, and he's right around 12lbs. It doesn't surprise me because he eats all the time. But -- as long as he continues to sleep thru the night, I cannot complain. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Picking Strawberries

Today Caleb's preschool made a visit to Lane's Farm in Fort Valley to pick strawberries. This is one of his favorite field trips. He LOVES strawberries, and he has a blast picking them. It was a bit breezy today, but it was worth the visit. We were able to pick some HUGE strawberries, and they are so yummy! And -- you can't beat the price. He also had a fun time playing on the playground. Micah slept for most of the excitement, but I'm sure he'll enjoy this outing next year. We look forward to going back as a family to pick more strawberries over the season.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watching the clouds go by

Today Caleb kept mentioning that he wanted to sit outside and watch the clouds with Brian. He had mentioned this to me, and he had also made mention of it to Brian. So, this afternoon we let him take his sleeping bag out front to look at the clouds. However, with this CRAZY Georgia weather, it was a bit chilly. He wasn't able to stay outside very long because it was just getting chillier and chillier. But -- he did have fun looking up at the clouds. It's amazing how the imagination of children works. Here's a picture of him chilling in the driveway while watching the clouds.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Let the countdown begin...

Today marks two months until our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Brian's best friend, Dave, and his wife are renewing their wedding vows. We've been invited to witness the ceremony and stay in a condo for the week. So, we can't pass up this opportunity.

With that said, Brian and I have embarked on a weight loss regimen. We're both dieting and exercising. Now that I'm done having children, I have no excuse for this extra weight. So, it's time to get focused and do something about it. I'm hoping to shed at least 20lbs, if not more, in two months. With Brian's help, I'm sure I can be successful. He's a nut when it comes to exercising if he gets determined, and he's determined now.

Caleb is super excited about the upcoming trip to the beach. It'll be his first visit to a beach. I had to come up with a way to count down the days with him. I took a beach pail, and I attached the appropriate # of links until the day we leave. He takes off one link each night before bed. Once he reaches the bucket it'll be time for our trip. He loves taking off each link and can't wait until they are all gone.

Anyway, wish us luck on our exercise and weight loss goals. We'll keep you all updated.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Water is back on

Well, our water finally came back on around 3:00pm this afternoon. However, now we have a HUGE hole in our front yard with a bright orange tape area around it. Luckily Caleb is not allowed in the front yard alone, or I'd be highly upset. I mean, that's a safety hazard if I ever saw one. Oh well, hopefully it won't take them forever to fix up the damage they've done. We shall see...

What a way to start the morning...

I woke up this morning at 6:30am because we were scheduled to go to church at Caleb's preschool for Preschool Sunday. I knew that I had to get Micah fed and on a decent schedule so that he'd cooperate during the service. Micah gets fed, and I continue my morning by washing bottles.

After eating my breakfast of a Smores pop-tart and milk, I set up this blog. I had been contemplating doing so for some time now, so why not?!!? Anyway, I get Brian and Caleb up around 8:00am. Once they are up and "at 'em" we discover our water is off. I called my neighbor and good friend, Laura, only to hear that hers is off, too. Well, isn't this just lovely?!!? Caleb is supposed to be at his preschool by 10:30, and we are without water. So, I scrambled around trying to contact someone from the preschool to let them know we wouldn't be there. I was finally able to reach his teacher, and we're disappointed Caleb won't get to participate in this exciting Sunday service.

I asked Brian to go walk down the street to see if he can see what the water issue is all about. Well, he doesn't have to go very far at all. It's right in OUR front yard. Water is just pouring out, and it's making a lovely mess of our "nice" yard. So, we tried to call the city and end up calling 911 because we can't get the city. Well, they were already informed and told us the water dept was getting everything ready to head on over to fix the problem. They are here now and who knows when the water will be back on. This is the THIRD water problem on our street. It has slowly moved it's way up the road and is now in our yard. Hopefully they'll get it back up and running shortly. And we get to wait to see how long it will take them to make our yard look decent again. More updates are sure to follow...

Joining the blogging world

Well, I thought it was time I joined the blogging world. So, here I am. This is a place where our friends and family can keep up with what's going on in our household. With homeschool beginning in June, it will also be a way for us to share how Caleb is doing and what he's learning. We hope you enjoy reading more about us, and we hope you'll keep in touch through comments.

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