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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a way to start the morning...

I woke up this morning at 6:30am because we were scheduled to go to church at Caleb's preschool for Preschool Sunday. I knew that I had to get Micah fed and on a decent schedule so that he'd cooperate during the service. Micah gets fed, and I continue my morning by washing bottles.

After eating my breakfast of a Smores pop-tart and milk, I set up this blog. I had been contemplating doing so for some time now, so why not?!!? Anyway, I get Brian and Caleb up around 8:00am. Once they are up and "at 'em" we discover our water is off. I called my neighbor and good friend, Laura, only to hear that hers is off, too. Well, isn't this just lovely?!!? Caleb is supposed to be at his preschool by 10:30, and we are without water. So, I scrambled around trying to contact someone from the preschool to let them know we wouldn't be there. I was finally able to reach his teacher, and we're disappointed Caleb won't get to participate in this exciting Sunday service.

I asked Brian to go walk down the street to see if he can see what the water issue is all about. Well, he doesn't have to go very far at all. It's right in OUR front yard. Water is just pouring out, and it's making a lovely mess of our "nice" yard. So, we tried to call the city and end up calling 911 because we can't get the city. Well, they were already informed and told us the water dept was getting everything ready to head on over to fix the problem. They are here now and who knows when the water will be back on. This is the THIRD water problem on our street. It has slowly moved it's way up the road and is now in our yard. Hopefully they'll get it back up and running shortly. And we get to wait to see how long it will take them to make our yard look decent again. More updates are sure to follow...


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