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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Elves

This past Monday, Caleb participated in an art program at a local coffee shop.  He had fun, and he did a really good job on his project.  I’m thinking about signing him up for regular classes again since he loves it so much.
While out shopping last night, Brian and I saw the cutest pair of “elf” pajamas at Old Navy.  They just happened to be Micah’s size, so we scooped them up.  He donned them last night, and I must say…he’s a pretty cute elf.
Speaking of elves, our “elf on the shelf”, aka Mr. Jingles, arrived Friday morning.  I must say, he’s gotten a lot more mischievous now that he’s comfortable in our home.  He’s been eating snacks and candy that the boys put in front of him.  I’m currently watching Ebay to find another vintage elf.  Mr. Jingles is actually one that my mom had put in my box of  Christmas decorations when I moved out.  Of course, it wasn’t used as “Elf on the Shelf” back when I was growing up, but when the trend started, I knew exactly where to go.  Smile  Hopefully, he’ll have a friend joining him on his mischievous acts soon.  Smile

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 20

We finished up week 20 today, and next week is a break week.  I’m looking forward to the break…time will be spent decorating the house for the holidays and spending time with family.
Bible – Our questions this week were ‘When were the other planets created?’ and ‘If God created the world 6,000 years ago or so, why are stars millions of light years away?’  We read Genesis 1:16, 19; Psalm 19:1 and 36:6 to answer the first question.  We read Psalm 19:1, 50:6, and 147:4; and Isaiah 40:26 to answer the second question.
Math – This week Caleb worked on how many days are in a year, multiplying 10s and 100s mentally; fractions that equal 1; and borrowing across two zeros.
English – This week Caleb worked on diagramming commands, direct quotations, and indirect quotations.  He’s still doing really well with this English program.
Classical Conversations Foundations – This was our last week for the 1st semester, and here’s what we learned.

  • English – prepositions ‘with, within, without’
  • Science – some types of plant systems (photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration)
  • History – the Muslim Empire
  • Math – 3 tsp = 1 Tbsp and 2 Tbsp = 1 fl oz
  • Latin – 5th Declension Noun Endings singular and plural
  • Geography – The Muslim Empire…Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Damascus, Syria, Tours
  • Timeline – Genghis Khan Rules the Mongols, England’s Magna Carta, Ottoman Empire, Marco Polo’s Journey to China, The Hundred Years’ War and Black Death, The Renaissance, China’s Ming Dynasty
  • Science Experiments – This week we headed up to Dauset Trails for a nature walk and to look at the animals. 
  • Fine Arts – Tin Whistle – This week we learned more about dynamics…piano,forte, mezzo piano, and mezzo piano.
***We have thoroughly enjoyed our first semester of CC, but we are looking forward to a little break.  We’ll be ready to start more CC learning in January.***

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 19

We’re done with week 19, and we’re close to a week break.  YEAH!  Here’s how our latest week went…
Bible – Our question this week was “How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sinned?”  We read Genesis 1:28, Romans 3:23, and Romans 5:12 for the answer.
Math – This week Caleb worked on ordering decimals; millimeters, tenths of centimeters; add, subtract, or multiply; decimals and place values; and multiplying and carrying.
English – This week Caleb worked on statements and questions, diagramming questions, and commands and exclamations.  He’s still doing really with the Growing with Grammar.  I’m crossing my fingers that it continues.
Classical Conversations Foundations – We finished up Week 11, and we have one more week until we break for the semester.  Here’s what we learned this week…

  • English – prepositions ‘under, underneath, until, up, upon’
  • Science – some parts of a flower
  • History – the Byzantine Empire
  • Math – Cubes (up to 10)
  • Latin – 5th Declension Noun Endings Singular and Plural
  • Geography – Byzantine Empire…Constantinople/Istanbul, Rome, Athens, Ephesus, Antioch
  • Timeline – Norman Conquest and Feudalism in Europe, The Crusades, Zimbabwe and Early Mali in Africa, Aztecs of Mesoamerica, Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas, Japan’s Shoguns, Incas of South America
  • Science Experiment – This week we started working on an animal classification poster.  We will spend time finishing this up at home over the next few weeks.
  • Fine Arts – Tin Whistle – This week we worked on dynamics, crescendo, legato, staccato, and rests.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 18

We finished up another week at Childress Academy for Boys.  I am trying my best to keep us on schedule this year, and it’s been much better than years past.  I think having that week off nearly every month help keeps me motivated.  Here’s how Week 18 went for us…
Bible – Our questions this week were ‘Who was Cain’s wife?  Why doesn’t the Bible mention her birth if she was Eve’s baby?’ and ‘Did bumblebees have stingers before Adam and Eve sinned?’  We read Genesis 5:4, 2:24, 20:12, and Leviticus 18:6 for the first question.  We read Romans 8:22 and Genesis 3:8-19 for the second question.
Math – This week Caleb worked on learning about division; counting by eight; division is the opposite of multiplication; multiplying by six; unnecessary numbers in story problems; and decimals on a number line.
English – This week Caleb worked on diagramming compound predicates; combining sentences; two subjects and two predicates; and run-on sentences.  He is still really enjoying the Growing with Grammar.  I’m really hoping that we’ve finally found our “fit” in English.
Classical Conversations Foundations – This week we finished up Week 10.  Here’s what we studied/learned…

  • English – prepositions ‘through, throughout, to, toward’
  • Science – some kinds of leaves and leaf parts
  • History – the Heian Empire
  • Math – squares (up to 15x15)
  • Latin – 4th Declension Noun Endings singular and plural
  • Geography – Japan…Kyoto, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan
  • Timeline – Japan’s Heian Period, Charlemagne Crowned Emperor of Europe, Alfred the Great of England, Erik the Red and Leif Erikkson, Norse Explorers, Vladimir 1 of Kiev, Byzantine Emperor Basil II, East-West Schism of the Church
  • Science Experiments – this week we headed up to Amerson Water Works park in Macon.  The students had a tree identification class, and they were able to collect all kinds of goodies on a nature walk.  Caleb had a BLAST learning about and gathering up goodies from nature.
  • Fine Arts – Tin Whistle – this week we worked on octave, musical scale, sharp, flat, and tempo.  The students are continuing to learn how to play.

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