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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Myrtle Beach May 2012

If you’ve read my blog over the past 4 years (wow…it’s really been that long), then you know we LOVE Myrtle Beach.  We’ve been 3 times in the past 4 years.  There’s just so much to do, and the kids have a blast.
We left Saturday morning, the 19th, and we arrived that afternoon.  Little did we know, but it was the end of Bike Week.  Consequently, there were bikers EVERYwhere!  I don’t have anything against bikers, but to see (hear) them all over was a bit much.  Thankfully, bike week was ending on Sunday, and that was a good thing.  We decided to stay inland this year, and we stayed in a condo at Barefoot Golf Resort.  Micah isn’t much of an ocean person (yet, I hope), so inland wasn’t a problem.  After getting the car unpacked and the dog settled, we headed out for supper.  We ate at California Dreaming (our first visit), and it was okay.  After supper, we stopped at Kroger for perishables and snacks.  Then, we headed back to the condo to settle in and unpack.
Sunday morning, we got up and headed to Nascar Speedpark.  In our two previous visits, we hadn’t thought of visiting.  This time, we did, and we LOVED it.  Caleb had such a good time driving the go-carts, and Micah enjoyed riding.  After spending a few hours at the speedpark, we headed to lunch at Nacho Hippo.  We had seen it advertised on Beach TV, and it was VERY good.  I had my first ever fish taco, and it was super yummy.  After lunch, we headed to Family Kingdom Amusement Park.  Again, this was a place we had not frequented in our previous visits.  Brian opted not to get a ride band, but Micah, Caleb, and myself did.  Caleb enjoyed riding the “bigger” rides with me, and Micah had fun on the kiddie rides.  He was a sport and rode some of the “bigger” rides with me, and he LOVED it.  We rode the log flumes, and while Caleb enjoyed it…Micah and I didn’t like getting wet.  LOL!  Once we were done at the amusement park, we headed back to the speedpark for a few more spins in the go-carts.  Then, we headed to dinner at Ultimate California Pizza.  None of us were thrilled with our food, but a few lessons were learned (the kid’s meal pizzas are the SAME size as the adult personal pizza…way too big.  We could have shared two pizzas instead of ordering 4).  Oh well…

Monday morning we got up and enjoyed a breakfast at Hot Stacks Pancake House.  Then, we enjoyed two rounds of mini-golf at Cancun Lagoon.  There are so many different mini-golf courses, and it was hard to choose.  This one was nice though because part of each course was indoors…that was a nice break from the heat.  We headed back to the condo for naps, and then Monday afternoon we went to the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show.  This has replaced the Dixie Stamped in Myrtle Beach (we saw this in 2009), and it was a GREAT show.  The boys, especially Micah, had such a good time rooting for the Crimson team.  The food was okay, but the entertainment was lots of fun and worth the price.
Tuesday morning we decided to visit Ripley’s Aquarium.  We’ve visited it before, and we weren’t there long at all.  I think the fact that there were several groups of school children (unruly at that) there made it not much fun.  After the aquarium, we walked around Broadway at the Beach for a bit, and enjoyed lunch at Johnny Rocket’s.  Then, the boys enjoyed some rides at Pavilion Nostalgia Park.  Brian and I concluded that this was NOT worth the money…it’s just too few rides for the price.  So, for future reference, Family Kingdom is the better way to go for rides and thrills.  We saw a storm approaching, so we decided to go grab some ice cream.  We stopped at a yogurt shop, and we all enjoyed making our own selections with toppings…YUMMY!  Since the storm still hadn’t passed, we drove around a bit, and then decided to ride on the new Sky Wheel.  This was our first time on the Sky Wheel, and we all enjoyed it.  We’d definitely do it again.  After perusing the gift shop a bit, we decided to walk on the boardwalk towards a pier.  It started drizzling, and then we saw it was $1 to walk the pier…nope…not going to do it.  So, we headed back to the condo.  After letting the dogs out, we headed to Barefoot Landing and did a little window shopping.  We were going to dine at a restaurant there, but after looking at the prices and getting upset with the service (or lack of), we decided to eat at Bonefish Grill.  This was Brian’s first time there, and my second.  We enjoyed supper and then went back to the condo.  It was time to pack up and prepare for our Wednesday morning departure.
Overall, we had a great time, and we’ve now learned what’s worth the money and what isn’t.  If we go back again (which I’m sure we will), we’ll know how to spend our time and money! 

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