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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Afternoon 2008

While the boys and I stayed at my parent's house, Brian came back home to hang up some more gifts for Caleb. You see, I'm married to a man that likes to barter. So, he bartered for some more taxidermy pieces to go in Caleb's wildlife/hunting themed room. These were part of Caleb's Christmas, but Brian wanted to get them on the wall for the full effect. So, with the help of Uncle Daniel, they got it done while the boys and I hung out with my family.

Caleb looking at the animals on the wall...he was shocked.

A hooded merganser...this is the only bird that eats fish (according to the taxidermist we bought it from).

A big-mouthed bass.A deer
Caleb touching the deer.

Christmas With the Singletary Family

Caleb is excited about his new flashlight.
Daddy helps Micah open up some more gifts.
Caleb opens up another gift.
Micah is enjoying his new truck from Uncle David.
Uncle Daniel shows Micah how to work his Choo Choo Ball Train.
Caleb having fun playing golf...thanks to Uncle David for showing him how to play.
Taking aim and swinging...

Christmas Morning 2008

Look at everything that Santa left for the boys...I guess they were on the "nice" list. Micah crawling in to see what Santa left. Micah investigates his new toy.
Caleb models the hat that Santa left behind...evidence that he does exist.
Caleb with his new bow and arrow...he's got the stance down.
Caleb admires his new globe...he is always asking where places are, so now he can learn.
Micah checks out another toy that Santa left behind.
Micah with his new driving toy...look out world.
Micah models the Santa hat.
Caleb got an Amazing Animal Trivia game...he is all about animals.
Caleb opening up the bird book he asked Santa to bring him.
Caleb checks out the binoculars he asked for.
Caleb with one of his many new Lego sets.
Micah chewing on his zoo animal train.
Caleb looking at the bathtub paints that Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy sent (the mail carrier actually rang the doorbell at 8:15am on Christmas morning to deliver this package...needless to say, we were shocked to see this happen ON Christmas day...didn't think they worked on the holiday).
Caleb with his "tub of fun" from Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy. He is super excited about making some art creations.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Micah's First Christmas

Here's a quick video of Micah enjoying one of his new toys from Grandma and Granddaddy!

Christmas Eve 2008

Well, it's finally here...I can't believe that it's Christmas already. This is a very special Christmas because it's Micah's FIRST Christmas. He's super excited about everything, and he LOVES getting into stuff...so it should be an interesting holiday!

Today Grandma and Granddaddy came over to give the boys their gifts. We thought it would be better to do today so that they won't be so overwhelmed tomorrow when we go have lunch with my family. Caleb and Micah both racked up, and they had a great time hanging out with my parents.

Micah starting with his first gift.

Caleb is all smiles!

Micah had a blast playing with the paper.

Micah examines his stride-to-ride lion in the box.

Micah with his new Fisher Price Learning Table.

Micah shows Granddaddy how the lion works.

This evening we had supper, gave the boys baths, and then opened up stockings. This is a tradition that Brian and I started once we got married. So, we've continued to implement it each year. Caleb always loves getting into his stocking, and Micah had a good time, too.

Caleb getting his goodies.Ohhhh....card games.
Micah getting into his stocking.

Micah getting his keys out of his stocking.

Micah with all his goodies.

We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season. Also, take the time to think about the true meaning of Christmas. Without the birth of our Savior, there would be no Christmas. So, remember HE is the reason for the season. Happy holidays to all of you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookies for Santa

Today, we invited Hunter and Tina over to help us make cookies for Santa. I figured if we were making a mess, they might as well join in on the fun. They had a good time, and the cookies were super cute and tasty.

All of the kids are ready to go...

Caleb making a creation...look at the seriousness.Tina is doing a wonderful job...so creative.Hunter making a smiley face.
Look at those happy kids...they are about to get some sugar baby...The kiddos posing with their cookie creations.
Now, they get to enjoy their work...I couldn't get all 3 to look at me to save my life...LOL!

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