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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Homemade Christmas Pictures

Well, it's that time of year again...time to put the kids in front of the tree and start snapping away. Ummm...not so easy with a nine-month-old.

You see...we just had the boys pictures made in September, so we decided against professional holiday pictures. And -- quite frankly, I'm too cheap. So, in front of the tree they went this evening...all decked out in their matching Christmas pajamas no less.

It was a chore. We started out by putting them on the couch, and I had to give Micah a stuffed animal to get him to cooperate. Then, I put them in front of the playroom tree (I'd much prefer the big one, but read the post below to see why it's not going up). Again, Micah isn't wanting to cooperate, so I try giving him stuff. He kept wanting to get the ornaments, so I decided to let him hold one. Well, being the baby he is...into the mouth it goes. Oh well, it works. So, here are the pictures we're using for the holiday photo card.

And yes...I am definitely feeding the boy green veggies. In fact, he gets one jar of green veggies DAILY! I don't know why he is having more of an "orange" issue than Caleb ever did. We never noticed it with Caleb...but with Micah...geez. You would think he NEVER eats anything green, but he does...I promise!


JADsMama said...

LOL Sherrie!!!
Poor Micah! He is so orange...lol - I love your little tree - I was going to do something similar this year but didn't want to spend them money since I already had decorations here. lol I am doing that, though, with the kids Christmas pics. The whole "at home" pics. It sounds like y'all had a wonderful trip to VA - that is awesome! I am sorry to hear about your little hermit crab. He had a happy life. :)

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