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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homeschool Week 23 in Review

We are done with another week of homeschool. We've actually now completed two nine-week quarters, so that's a positive sign...just two more to go. We're approaching the 100th day of school, too, so I'm sure we'll be planning some fun things for that special day.

Here's how this week panned out:
Beginnings: We took another week off from our reading book, and we talked about dinosaurs. Caleb has always had an interest in dinosaurs, so he really enjoyed reading all of the dinosaur books and doing some dinosaur activities. I think his interest has been piqued even more, so I'm sure we'll hear even more questions about dinosaurs.

Math: We continued to learn more about addition. Caleb learned that when you add 1 to any number that it goes up to the next number. This may seem like a simple skill to all of us adults, but it truly helps the little ones remember those facts. So, any little tip for them is super helpful.

Bible: We continued to review First Catechism questions 23-28. Since the questions and answers are getting longer, we are spending more time on them. Our Bible verse for the week was 1 John 4:14b.

Art and Music: We're continuing to put these on hold until we manage to catch-up. So, nothing to report here.

As always, thank you for following our homeschool journey. Caleb received his 2nd report card this week, and I'll post pictures and an update with that information later.


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