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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008

Look at everything that Santa left for the boys...I guess they were on the "nice" list. Micah crawling in to see what Santa left. Micah investigates his new toy.
Caleb models the hat that Santa left behind...evidence that he does exist.
Caleb with his new bow and arrow...he's got the stance down.
Caleb admires his new globe...he is always asking where places are, so now he can learn.
Micah checks out another toy that Santa left behind.
Micah with his new driving toy...look out world.
Micah models the Santa hat.
Caleb got an Amazing Animal Trivia game...he is all about animals.
Caleb opening up the bird book he asked Santa to bring him.
Caleb checks out the binoculars he asked for.
Caleb with one of his many new Lego sets.
Micah chewing on his zoo animal train.
Caleb looking at the bathtub paints that Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy sent (the mail carrier actually rang the doorbell at 8:15am on Christmas morning to deliver this package...needless to say, we were shocked to see this happen ON Christmas day...didn't think they worked on the holiday).
Caleb with his "tub of fun" from Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy. He is super excited about making some art creations.


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