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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RIP Teeny

Well, we have finally returned home from our Thanksgiving trip to Virginia (I'll post more from our trip later). And -- upon my entry to the playroom (decided it was way past time to tackle that mess of a room), I looked into the hermit crab home. It appears our little Teeny has passed on. Evidently he tried to molt from his current shell to get into a new shell while we were away on vacation. And -- I don't think he made it. Evidently (from what Brain tells me), you need to separate the crabs once they begin to molt so that the others won't eat the soft flesh of the "shell-less" crab. Anywho...we still have Tiny and Surfer, so all is well.

And no...we are NOT replacing him with another hermit crab. Two is quite enough right now thank you very much!


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