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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Christmas Presents and Room Decor

Once we got Caleb interested in sleeping in his own bed, we promised him that we would decorate his room with whatever theme he chose. Well, he had chosen a space/Buzz Lightyear theme, but Overstock sold out of the comforter we had chosen. So, after much looking and talking, he decided on a wildlife/hunting themed room. As I've mentioned before, he has been on a hunting kick ever since visiting Allie's house. So, we obliged, and we bought him a quilt for his bed. We had been looking for some room decor, but we really hadn't put much thought into it. Well, Brian had to go visit one of his merchants, Howard's Pawn & Jewelry. While visiting and helping them solve some issues, he found a nice decoration that would look great in Caleb's new themed bedroom (and he got a VERY good deal on it). So, he bought it. We surprised Caleb by mounting it on his wall and letting him see it. We have told him that he is not allowed to touch it because it is super fragile, and Caleb is tickled to death to have this on his wall. He can't wait to add to the collection. Enjoy the pictures...we're hoping to paint the room soon and add more wall decor. So, stay tuned for that.
This is the quilt that Caleb chose...bears, deer, fish, ducks...all the wildlife a boy could want...LOL!

Caleb walking into his room very cautiously. Look at the excitement in those eyes...he was sooo happy. A mounted mallard...beautiful markings.
Brian loves that it looks like it is flying...LOL!


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