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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and Mini-Vacation in Virginia

We headed to Virginia this past Tuesday morning. Our secret plan (with the help of Brian's dad) was to surprise Omi (Brian's mom) at work. Since she works until 9:30pm on Tuesdays, we figured we would head out early enough to stop by the store to surprise her. Our trip there was pretty uneventful. Traffic was fairly cooperative, but man...the cops...they were out all over the place. Thankfully Brian controlled his speeding and didn't get a ticket.
Micah enjoying his thumb AND the ride...LOL!

And here's Caleb...being goofy as always!

Omi was very surprised to see us at work, and she and Opa enjoyed showing the kiddos off to all the workers (and shoppers). Caleb even got to help Omi at her register by starting/stopping the register belt (whatever that thing is that you put the groceries on...lol). He had such a good time doing such a simple task.

Wednesday was a simple day just relaxing and hanging out. Uncle Ed and Aunt Pat (Opa's brother and SIL) stopped by Wednesday afternoon/evening to visit. Caleb really enjoyed learning all about fishing from Uncle Ed. You see...Uncle Ed is quite the fisherman, and he knows his stuff. Caleb just soaked it all in and listened so attentively.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Omi and Opa. We had the normal fixin's of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes w/gravy, steamed veggies, dressing, asparagus, and the most delicious homemade rolls. I learned that Omi used to make all sorts of homemade "bread-stuff", and the rolls were so tasty. We also had lots of dessert options to choose from. Even Micah got to sample some of the fixin's...he tasted turkey, dressing, rolls, and mashed potatoes. He enjoyed himself, and he LOVES to eat...LOL!

Thursday afternoon, Brian and I headed out to Kmart and Walmart to do a little shopping. We were able to pick up some Christmas gifts for the kiddos and a Blu-ray DVD player for us and Brian's parents. And -- we are soooo glad that Walmart price matches (even the Black Friday ads). After shopping, we decided to stop by and visit with Dave (Brian's friend from high school and seminary) and his family since they were visiting in VA as well. We had such a good time just talking, playing games, and my how time flew...thankfully Omi and Opa didn't mind watching the boys while we enjoyed some time away from the kiddos.

On Friday morning, Brian and Omi headed out to do some shopping. They got some really good deals at Kohl's, and Brian went a little crazy...LOL! He bought more than we needed so that I could "choose" what I wanted and return the rest. He's a smart man, isn't he? LOL!

That afternoon we headed over to visit with Uncle Ed and Aunt Pat again. Caleb got lots of fishing gear (lures, fishing rod, fishing game, etc). I tell you...I think the boy will be some sort of an angler or something one of these days...he's really into all sorts of outdoor activities lately.

Aunt Pat holding little Micah.Caleb riding on the lawnmower with Uncle Ed...he thought it was too loud.
Caleb admiring one of Uncle Ed's many fishing trophies.
Caleb getting some lures from Uncle Ed...he's in HEAVEN!

Caleb getting even MORE lures.Micah enjoying himself and his toys.
Our little booger...Micah crawling under the table to get to Uncle Ed's meds.

Friday night, Brian and I took Caleb to meet up with Dave's family at Cesare's. What was supposed to be a nice meal at a nice restaurant was just the opposite. Our waiter sucked...the food wasn't that great either. But -- the fellowship was wonderful, and that's what counts, right? After supper we headed back to Kohl's to make some exchanges from Brian's earlier purchases, and we managed to pick up a few more things.

Micah woke up super sick on Saturday, and we didn't do much of anything. Brian and Caleb went to visit with Brian's cousins (Frank and Barbie) and their children. They have a new baby girl, Emily, who just turned 6 weeks old. I hate that Micah and I didn't get to go and visit, but we didn't want to expose the baby to anything that Micah had.

Saturday evening we did our Christmas exchange since we wouldn't see Omi and Opa for Christmas. Caleb and Micah racked up with all sorts of goodies, and Brian and I did well too. Omi and Opa enjoyed their gifts from the boys as well.

Caleb gets a tackle box from Opa.

Caleb tearing into another gift...

Micah gets in on the action.

Micah would rather play with the gift bag...LOL!
Micah enjoying his new toy.
Micah having some "chew-time" with the bag...LOL!
Micah playing with his life-sized Pooh bear...it's as big as he is.

Sunday was a wet and rainy day, so we opted to stay in again. We just enjoyed the time together visiting.

We headed back home on Monday because there was just too much to do back here in GA. Plus, we needed to get Micah to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything more than a common cold (I'm happy to report that it's just a crummy cold per the dr). Again, traffic cooperated but the cops were STILL out.

We're glad we ventured up to VA for the holiday, and we will miss seeing Omi and Opa at Christmas. But -- they are headed to London with Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy (Brian's brother and SIL). So, they will have lots of fun, and we can't wait to hear all about it. Then, our family of four is headed to the mountains after Christmas for a much needed break from everything. We're looking forward to just playing games, fishing (the cabin is on a trout stream), and just doing NOTHING of importance.

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting ready for a bright and Merry Christmas.


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