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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Caleb has been taking an art class in Macon, and he is LOVING it.  It’s a drive, but a fellow homeschool mommy friend and I have been taking the turns with the driving.  She drove all of September, and I picked up the drive in October since she was due with a little girl.  Smile  It’s worked out well, and Micah and I typically enjoy some time at Starbucks and the shops in Macon. 
Here are some of the projects that Caleb has brought home from the art class, and I’m throwing in some others that Micah has done in his Co-Op class this session.  Smile

Caleb’s Ice cream cone…they created the paper, too.
Caleb’s…not sure what this is…IMG_7902
Caleb’s Tree paintingIMG_7904
Caleb’s Pinch potsIMG_7908
Caleb’s PumpkinIMG_7909
Caleb’s Halloween bagIMG_7915
Micah’s apple pieIMG_7898
Micah’s scarecrow frameIMG_7914
Micah’s Johnny AppleseedIMG_7917
Close-up of the little poemIMG_7920
Micah’s Apple Window DecorationIMG_7923

Third Grade Week 18 in Review

Another week at Childress Academy is complete.  Here’s how the week went for us…
Bible – Our Bible lessons this week focused on “Jesus Obeyed God” and “Jesus Was a Teacher.”  We read Matthew 4:1-11 and Matthew 5:1-8.  Caleb’s Bible verse for the week was Philippians 2:8b.
English – This week Caleb finished up his ACE Pace by practicing more words in cursive (note to self – I really can omit this from here on out b/c he’s got cursive down, and we do handwriting daily).  He did his review work, and then he took his test.  He scored 100% on his test.
Math – This was another good week in math.  NEW Concepts:  Cups, Pints, Quarts; One Day is 24 Hours; A.M. and P.M.; 12 Months in a Year; and Writing the Date.  REVIEW Concepts:  Fact Focus:  11, 7, 4 and 11, 6, 5.
FUN SCHOOL – This week Caleb read about different animals (tigers, wolves, monkey, and lions), and he read in his young naturalist book (nature if you’re wondering).  He also read about Alaska, horses, and endangered animals.  He worked on the states of Alaska, Georgia, and Florida in his Stuck on the USA workbook.  He used the play money to count money and show different amounts of money (using different coins each time) and played his addition dot cards.  He used letter tiles to spell random words.  For reading, he began reading Little House In the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  For Bible, he read a devotion that focused on “snearing from the inside.”  Art consisted of using oil pastels to make leaves and apples, and he also built a model airplane.  For PE, he played Wii Fit, and we also had a fun day at the park with homeschool friends. 
***I had to come up with a system to give Caleb some structure during FUN SCHOOL.  So, I created a chart that has all of the different subjects…Math, English/Brain, Reading/Magazine, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Art, and Physical Education along with 4 boxes next to each one.  Each day he has to choose 4 of those areas to focus on for his FUN School.  The ideal is that he would choose each subject at least 2x during the course of the week, but we’re going to see how he does on his own.  Smile***

Caleb drawing his leaf for the oil pastel projectIMG_7924
My leaf ready to be coloredIMG_7928
Caleb’s leaf ready to be coloredIMG_7929
My completed leafIMG_7931
Caleb’s completed leafIMG_7936
Both leaves togetherIMG_7935
My appleIMG_7938
Caleb’s appleIMG_7939
Caleb painting the pieces to his model airplaneIMG_7940
Whew, what a mess…LOL!IMG_7942
Still painting (and like a bad mommy, I failed to take a picture of the completed project…sorry…if I can find it, I’ll snap a picture).IMG_7943
Now, if you have any good ideas for using oil pastels, PLEASE send them my way.  I’m not familiar with them AT ALL, and being as I’m not craft, I haven’t a clue where to start.  LOL!  I tried finding idea on the Internet, but…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Third Grade Week 17 in Review

We are done with another week at Childress Academy (note to self…work on a “cooler” name).  Smile  Here’s how week 17 went for us…
Bible – Our Bible stories focused on “God Wants Us To Be Happy” and “Jesus Came from Heaven.”  We read Psalm 100 and John 3:16-17.  Caleb’s memory verse for the week was Psalm 9:2.
English – This week Caleb worked on more adjectives, a/an/the as adjectives, and writing words in cursive.
Math – NEW CONCEPTS:  Copy problems with uneven digits; zero is a place holder; difference; and writing a solution.  REVIEW CONCEPTS:  carrying to the hundreds place; fact focus:  10, 6, 4; and fact focus:  8, 3, 11.  The only complaint I’m really hearing about math is that it is a lot of work, and I’ll agree…it’s MORE than what he’s used to.  However, I’m fine with that fact.  Smile
FUN SCHOOL – Due to scheduling conflicts, there wasn’t much opportunity for a whole lot of fun school.  We went to The Grand Opera House in Macon to watch a performance of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We also went skating with our homeschool group.  Caleb worked on the 50 states flash cards, played with the tangram pieces, and read about rocks & minerals while studying his rock collection (one that was passed down from his uncles and cousin).  We also spent some time with Brian learning about the story of Caleb from the Bible.  Caleb also worked on one of his scavenger hunts which allowed him to work on time, read about wolves, study knights, review dictionary skills, complete some brain busters, make shapes with tangram pieces, review polygons, use magnetic English tiles to make questions, and review math facts. 
Stay tuned to see what all is explored and learned next week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Third Grade Week 16 in Review

This week we began our new schooling adventure.  If you remember from this post, Caleb will have a small bit of formal schooling, and then he has the remainder of time to use for free learning and exploration.  Considering this was a new experience for him and me, he did fairly well.  There were a few times when he seemed to have no direction, so I gently guided him towards an activity.  Overall, it was a great week, and I think he enjoyed the change.  He’s now referring to this new form of schooling as “Fun School”, so that’s what we’ll call it.  LOL!  Here’s how this week went for us:
Bible – Our Bible lessons this week focused on “God Turns Our Troubles Into Good” and “God’s Angels Watch Over Us.”  We read from Genesis 45:1-8 and Daniel 6:16-23.  Caleb’s memory verse was Romans 8:28a.
Math – Caleb started a new LightUnit this week.  NEW CONCEPTS:  Writing Fractions; Freezing Temperatures; One Half of a Group; More About Equal Parts; Tally Marks; and Expanding Numbers to 100’s.  REVIEW CONCEPTS:  Fact Focus:  9, 5, 4; Fact Focus:  10, 7, 3.  Caleb still seems to be enjoying this math curriculum.  If I had to guess, I’d say that the timed drill is his favorite part.  He likes being challenged with only two minutes to see how many he gets right.  So far, he’s doing really well.
FUN SCHOOL – Each week I hope to keep a record of what Caleb reads about or does during his “fun school.”  Micah has joined in on some of the learning, too, so that’s always a plus.  This week Caleb read about Knights, landscaping, the first North Americans, pet birds, cowboys & Indians, the story of exploration, and mummies & pyramids.  He watched National Geographic Forces of Nature on Netflix.  We played “bank” by using play money.  I would give him a certain amount, and he had to count it.  He then had to give me a certain amount.  Both boys enjoyed creating several art projects…some pictures using different objects (noodles, beans, etc) and paper bag and stick puppets.  They then proceeded to put on a puppet show.  Caleb used my iPad to learn German colors, practice piano, study dinosaurs, and learn more about Columbus Day.  ***Speaking of the iPad, Micah LOVES the thing.  I’m afraid he’s using it more than I am.   LOL!  However, I’m thinking he’ll learn quite a bit by playing with all of the free apps I’ve downloaded.  It’s proving to be a great investment.***
Here are some pictures of this week’s Fun School…

Micah created a pattern using his manipulativesIMG_7862
Micah creating his art pictureIMG_7863
Adding some colorIMG_7866
Caleb working on his pictureIMG_7867
Caleb’s birdIMG_7870
Concentrating (note the tongue)IMG_7871
Note the tongue here…LOL!
Caleb’s completed pictureIMG_7873
Caleb’s paper bag puppetIMG_7876
Micah working on his bag puppetIMG_7878
Micah’s completed puppetIMG_7880
Micah working on his stick puppetIMG_7881
Caleb working on his stick puppetIMG_7883
Adding more featuresIMG_7885
Caleb’s completed stick puppetIMG_7887
Micah’s stick puppet…aka Buzz Lightyear according to himIMG_7888
Puppet showIMG_7892
And another…IMG_7894
Caleb & Micah’s puppet show
As you can tell, it was a GREAT week.  I think once we get into more of a routine, Caleb will adjust better to the “Fun School.”  I created some “Fun School Scavenger Hunts” that he can use if he’s ever lacking ideas of where to begin…he didn’t seem too thrilled with them once I made them (although it was his idea).  LOL!  Join us next week to see what else we learn!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


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