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Monday, October 10, 2011

Third Grade Week 16 in Review

This week we began our new schooling adventure.  If you remember from this post, Caleb will have a small bit of formal schooling, and then he has the remainder of time to use for free learning and exploration.  Considering this was a new experience for him and me, he did fairly well.  There were a few times when he seemed to have no direction, so I gently guided him towards an activity.  Overall, it was a great week, and I think he enjoyed the change.  He’s now referring to this new form of schooling as “Fun School”, so that’s what we’ll call it.  LOL!  Here’s how this week went for us:
Bible – Our Bible lessons this week focused on “God Turns Our Troubles Into Good” and “God’s Angels Watch Over Us.”  We read from Genesis 45:1-8 and Daniel 6:16-23.  Caleb’s memory verse was Romans 8:28a.
Math – Caleb started a new LightUnit this week.  NEW CONCEPTS:  Writing Fractions; Freezing Temperatures; One Half of a Group; More About Equal Parts; Tally Marks; and Expanding Numbers to 100’s.  REVIEW CONCEPTS:  Fact Focus:  9, 5, 4; Fact Focus:  10, 7, 3.  Caleb still seems to be enjoying this math curriculum.  If I had to guess, I’d say that the timed drill is his favorite part.  He likes being challenged with only two minutes to see how many he gets right.  So far, he’s doing really well.
FUN SCHOOL – Each week I hope to keep a record of what Caleb reads about or does during his “fun school.”  Micah has joined in on some of the learning, too, so that’s always a plus.  This week Caleb read about Knights, landscaping, the first North Americans, pet birds, cowboys & Indians, the story of exploration, and mummies & pyramids.  He watched National Geographic Forces of Nature on Netflix.  We played “bank” by using play money.  I would give him a certain amount, and he had to count it.  He then had to give me a certain amount.  Both boys enjoyed creating several art projects…some pictures using different objects (noodles, beans, etc) and paper bag and stick puppets.  They then proceeded to put on a puppet show.  Caleb used my iPad to learn German colors, practice piano, study dinosaurs, and learn more about Columbus Day.  ***Speaking of the iPad, Micah LOVES the thing.  I’m afraid he’s using it more than I am.   LOL!  However, I’m thinking he’ll learn quite a bit by playing with all of the free apps I’ve downloaded.  It’s proving to be a great investment.***
Here are some pictures of this week’s Fun School…

Micah created a pattern using his manipulativesIMG_7862
Micah creating his art pictureIMG_7863
Adding some colorIMG_7866
Caleb working on his pictureIMG_7867
Caleb’s birdIMG_7870
Concentrating (note the tongue)IMG_7871
Note the tongue here…LOL!
Caleb’s completed pictureIMG_7873
Caleb’s paper bag puppetIMG_7876
Micah working on his bag puppetIMG_7878
Micah’s completed puppetIMG_7880
Micah working on his stick puppetIMG_7881
Caleb working on his stick puppetIMG_7883
Adding more featuresIMG_7885
Caleb’s completed stick puppetIMG_7887
Micah’s stick puppet…aka Buzz Lightyear according to himIMG_7888
Puppet showIMG_7892
And another…IMG_7894
Caleb & Micah’s puppet show
As you can tell, it was a GREAT week.  I think once we get into more of a routine, Caleb will adjust better to the “Fun School.”  I created some “Fun School Scavenger Hunts” that he can use if he’s ever lacking ideas of where to begin…he didn’t seem too thrilled with them once I made them (although it was his idea).  LOL!  Join us next week to see what else we learn!


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