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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun at the Museum of Aviation

Today we met some of our friends at the Museum of Aviation. You see, the public schools are out for the Christmas holidays, so all of my mommy friends were trying to find ways to keep the kids busy. So, they organized a field trip, and since it's free...well, that's even better.

Caleb had a blast hanging out with his friends and looking at all of the airplanes and other artifacts. Micah was very good, and he just strolled along in his stroller and snoozed.

After hanging out at the museum, we all headed to a local pizzeria (they happen to be one of Brian's merchants). It's a great pizzeria, but it's on the small side. So, it was a bit crowded with 6 moms and 11 kids. All of the kids were very well-behaved, and we all had a great time.

Tina, Hunter, and Caleb...best of friends.

Caleb posing for a picture.Aren't they so sweet-looking?
Caleb in the cockpit.


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