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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childress Homeschool Academy

Well, the preschool year for Caleb will soon be over (less than 4 weeks). So, it's time for me to kick the homeschool preparations into full gear. I finally ordered the rest of his curriculum today. So, we should be set with all of that. There are a few more things that I'll need to buy locally, but I can get those here soon. Brian put together some shelving for me in the office/homeschool room this weekend, so we should be set with that as well. We're running out of space, so hopefully I can make good use of the shelving we have.

Caleb is getting super excited about homeschooling, and he's ready to start. He keeps asking me how much longer until it starts. I'm sure the excitement will soon wear off once we get into the daily grind.

I figured it was time to come up with an official name for our homeschool as well. The state of Georgia doesn't require it, but I thought it would be nice to have for Caleb once he's old enough to start filling out applications/resumes of such (I know...I'm thinking WAY ahead of myself). So, the name of our homeschool will be Childress Homeschool Academy. I know...nothing spectacular, but it works.

So, let the countdown begin until Childress Homeschool Academy officially opens it's doors...June 2nd here we come!


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