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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here we go again...

Well, here it is not even 3 weeks later, and we are once again without water. I woke up this morning and fixed a pot of coffee. Then I ate my breakfast and was going to warm up some water for Micah's bottle. Well, when I turned on the sink, there was no water. It hadn't even been 15 minutes since I'd made the coffee. You've got to be kidding me I thought!!!

Brian walked outside, and sure enough, the pipes had burst again. Luckily it wasn't in our yard this time. It actually moved back down to our neighbor's yard. This is the 3rd time it's happened in front of their house. Needless to say, we as a neighborhood, are quite ticked at this point. So, Brian made a call to 13WMAZ and asked them if they wanted a good story. He explained the situation to them, and then they said they'd get back with him.

Well, they are now interviewing him. They set up camp in our front yard and are talking to him. They just walked into the house to film the lack of water. They also took a shot of our fridge with bottles of water and a pitcher of baby formula. Now I'm a bit embarrassed because there were dirty dishes in my sink. But -- I guess it really adds to the point because I can't wash them without water. So, I guess it really doesn't matter. LOL!

I've got the DVR set to record the news today so I can watch the piece. I'm hoping it'll make the city get off their duff and fix the problem. This is ridiculous! Anyway, I just had to share!


Patrick said...

Citizen activism at its finest! It's funny how you need to get a TV station involved before anything gets done.

Hope it works out for you. If nothing else. we'll have running water here this weekend for your visit! ;)

Patrick said...

The story has been posted on the 13 WMAZ web site:


Looks like Brian has about 14 minutes and 45 seconds left in his 15 minutes of fame! (And when did he get that southern accent?)

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