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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day in Atlanta (East Point really)

We headed up to East Point around noon today to celebrate Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy's nuptials. They decided to elope in February, so today was a day to celebrate with them and all their family/friends. This was Micah's first big road trip (longer than 30 minutes), and he did really well. He slept the whole way up there...waking just in time to get fed by Opa.

Caleb started off the day checking out all the new toys...outdoor bowling, horseshoes, badminton, etc. Then he helped Omi clean the chairs so they would be nice and clean for everyone.
We all took some time to pose for the camera. I figured it would be nice to do so since we rarely get pictures of anyone other than the kiddos at this point in life. :)
Patrick and Darcy had the event catered, and the food and drinks were fabulous. Patrick and several of his friends brew beer, so they had plenty of beer on tap for today's festivities. There was even a special "ale" in honor of the recent nuptials.

The lovely couple celebrated the big day by slicing into one of the many delicious cupcakes. They were yummy...so much for the diet.

Caleb decided it was time for him to learn how to climb a tree, and he had a blast. He thought he was "the king of the jungle" and tried to climb most of the trees within his height range. He was super cute.

After a day of celebrating, we headed back to Warner Robins. Both kids crashed on the way home, and it was pure bliss.

Congratulations Patrick & Darcy! We love you guys!


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