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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caleb's Preschool Graduation

Our oldest son is no longer a baby. He graduated from preschool this evening. It's always a big deal for them, and they get to top it all off by wearing a cap and gown. They all looked super cute, and they did a terrific job singing their songs and getting their diplomas. I managed to capture some of it with the video setting on the camera, but I wasn't able to video all of it. I forgot to charge the batteries for the big videocamera. Oh well, you'll still get to see some cute video. I'll go ahead and apologize now for the quality. Just forgive me...my subject was a bit squirmy.

The preschool also wrote up a little profile on each child to put inside the program. They were so cute to read. Here's how Caleb's read:
This year has been a special year for Caleb; he became a big brother! The thing he loves most about his family is his new brother, Micah. Caleb's favorite color is red. His favorite Zoophonics animal is Zeke Zebra because he sleeps. What he likes most about school is that he gets to learn and play. The field trip he liked the best was to the pumpkin patch. When he grows up he wants to be a pirate and have 24 children. The one thing he wants to do most in the world is watch movies. If he could travel anywhere it would be to the beach. So...this is how our son's little brain works. :)

He looks so happy, doesn't he? LOL!

Sydnee, Caleb, & Camden singing away

getting ready for the next song
Our big graduate

The diploma makes a great telescope

He couldn't quit playing with the diploma

Caleb "hamming" it up

This is a video of the kids singing "Wise Man, Foolish Man"

This is a video of the kids singing "If I Were a Butterfly"

This is the video of Caleb coming down to get his diploma (I actually missed the "diploma" video b/c I didn't realize they were going right to the teacher...silly me)


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