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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need a Laugh...well, read this!

Most of you know, but those of you who are new to my blog...well, Caleb is quite the animal lover. He's very adamant about having a zoo of his own one day, and he'd also like to go to Africa to take pictures of animals and termite mounds (I know...we're raising such a bright kid...LOL!).

Anyway, take a listen into our conversation over lunch this afternoon.

Caleb: "Daddy, you know what I'm going to name my rhino at my zoo?"
Daddy: "No, son, What?"
Caleb: "Horny." (insert hysterical laughing from mommy and daddy...hardly able to keep the pizza in our mouths).

Caleb: "Daddy, know what I'm going to name my lions?
Daddy: "What?"

Caleb: "Clawy. Know what I'm going to name my snakes?"
Daddy: "What?"
Caleb: "Small head." (insert more hysterical laughing).

This conversation went on like this through lots of other animals, but they weren't as funny. So, as you can see...we are never without a laugh here in our family! Love those kiddos!


April said...

Rofl That's great I want to own a zoo too....

ah wait 1 dog, 1 turtle, 2 cats, 3 snails, 10 guppies, hummm I think I'm already halfway there LOL

Thanks for sharing the laughter :D

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