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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joining the Ranks of the Soccer Moms

Well, it looks like I'm going to be "joining the ranks of the soccer moms". You see, we just signed Caleb up to play Upward soccer at a church here in town. This will be our first time in organizational sports. Well, not really...he did play bowling for a year, but I don't necessarily consider that an "organizational" sport. He just played with other kiddos his age...not against any one.

I'm really hoping that his little competitive spirit (the "I HAVE to win" mentality) can handle it. I really think it will do him good. He tends to get angry if he doesn't win or play his best (who can blame him...don't we all get that way), but we're really trying to instill that it's a love for the game that really matters. Yeah, yeah...we want his team to win just as much as the other parents do...I'm not going to lie. LOL! But -- truly, we have to break him sometimes, so I think this may help...we'll see!

And -- for all of you who think homeschoolers aren't social, well this will be a social outlet for him. So, there...he is social...just not in a public school setting. Okay, okay...I'll stop! LOL! (I'm not bashing public schools...I was once a public school teacher. It's just our choice to homeschool, that's all). So, smile people! :)

Anyway, look forward to some "soccer" posts once the season starts. Practice starts the day of Micah's first birthday party, so we'll see how that works out. So, stay tuned...



Kristen said...

Yeah for sports. I think any sports organized or just neighborhood kids in a back yard are great!

By the way how do you get the buttons to scroll and you are still able to click and link?

TuTu's Bliss said...

This would be a great two cent post!! I love your two cents on home school and competive sports..a double whammy :) Feel free to link up (it isn't a rule intensive carnival, just sign Mr. linky and be nice enough :) that it! )

Mary Teresa said...

Good for you! Home schooling can work for a child, or not. Just like public and private. (I did both public and private. Private worked for me.) I hope he loves his new sporting endeavor!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

Soccer was one of the only sports I never got into when I was a kid and now my children too.

Yet that's the one category you hear most. "Soccer mom". You don't really get "baseball mom" or "football mom". I wonder why that is?

Hope you guys have fun!

LvPoohBr2 said...

We are a soccer family. All my girls play soccer, my hubby coaches and I sit and watch and hold my breath when those other girls get really mean! hee

I homeschooled for many years and had to fight the old, "your kids are not getting socialized" thing. WHATEVER!! At the time the girls were in soccer, gymnastics, Wednesday night church groups and Sunday morning church. Excuse me? I think my kids were more socialized than the public schooled kids. Not to mention I got to choose who my kids were socializing with and what influences were around them.

Now they are all in public school. They are doing well, they make good choices and have great friends. They are the sound of reason when a friend is about to make a poor choice. So it was well worth it to homeschool them all those years, and I don't regret it for a minute!

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