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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homeschool Week 28 in Review

Here's how our last week of homeschooling panned out:

Beginnings: Our theme for the week was Taking the Gospel. We talked about missionaries and Spain. We learned (well kinda reviewed) some Spanish numbers and colors. The "th" and "wh" blends were added to our list. The "-ath" family was added to our list of word families. "Bible" and "have" were added to our service words. Our story for the week was The Bibles.

Math: We started a new chapter on subtraction. Caleb is really doing well with it, and we also started learning how to count by 5's to 50. He's slowly getting that concept down.

Bible: We added questions 29-31 to our First Catechism study. Our Bible verse for the week was I John 3:4a.

Extra Stuff: Caleb was able to spend some time shooting his bow and arrow. He also got to go fishing with daddy and Uncle Daniel. He had a good time, and caught his first fish. But -- it was smaller than his lure, so I don't think it counts. LOL! He still had fun!

Thanks for following our adventures at Childress Academy. Look for more exciting times next week.


Margot said...

Sounds like a good week. My boys like to learn the bow and arrow also. Thanks for the idea on storytelling. I'll have to try that.

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