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Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Talk About Valentine's...

Okay, most of you know that I homeschool Caleb. Well, with that comes some perks. You see...every year about this time, all the little school kiddos get their sheets of paper sent home with a list of all the classmate's names on it. Then, we, as parents, have to do the right thing and go buy some Valentine's card to send in. Not to mention that if you want to be a super cool mommy that you'll also pick up some candy to pack with the cards. So, you end up spending more money.

Well, in my humble opinion, I think this is just a tedious task. I mean...what are we all doing with those little Valentine's once the holiday is over and done? Do you keep them? Do you file them away in your child's scrapbook? Oh wait...most of us have moved on to digital scrapbooking, so do you take a picture and upload it to the book? Hmmm...didn't think so.

Don't get me wrong...I did it, too, for the past 3 years while Caleb was in preschool. But -- I am soooo glad that I don't have to fool with that this year. It's just one of the many things I LOVE about my homeschooling job!

No, I'm not a grinch or a bah humbug type of gal. Brian and I just aren't of the "let's celebrate Valentine's Day so we can share our undying love for one another" type. We share our love for each other every day...we don't need Valentine's Day to do that. Okay, enough from me...now don't go bashing me and all. I was just sharing my $.02 with ya! You know I love all of you, and I'll probably tell ya so on Valentine's Day! LOL!

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Kristen said...

I so agree. Mr. C and I celebrate Valentines Day all year long...don't get me wrong there are some days...well you know.
I just think we don't need one day to show our love :-)

I love you blog look and your posts are so funny!

The Neils said...

Excuse me while I go throw up. :) "we celebrate our love everyday" hahaha

I'm actually right there with ya girl.
I prefer flowers on any random day of the week "just because" over the "its valentines day and I have to do it" flowers.

the Gator Mom said...

I agree with you, I only have 1 who will have that list sent home with...and as for me, I get mad if Jerry goes and spends $50 or how ever much they will charge this year for roses that are gonna die in less than a week

LvPoohBr2 said...

Well, I guess I'm in the minority here but I'll give you my .02 worth of opinion. This will be my youngest daughter's last year for Valentine's Day exchanges at school. Last year she and I had such a great time handmaking cards for her class. I'm expecting the same fun this year. As for gifts for me from hubby? Well, I agree $50 worth of candy or flowers is a waste, I do however like for him to give me a card with a sweet mushy sentiment in it. Why you may ask? Well, we've been married for a long time, life is busy and hectic and we're always going many different directions. It's nice to get a sweet card reminding me of his love and appreciation for me. I usually make him a special card expressing my love and appreciation for him as well. Yes we love each other everyday and we say "I love you" daily as well. Sometimes it's just nice to get a foofoo card too. ;D

Lin said...

Winter blahs usually hit big time around Feb 14, so we always have our favorite dinner and I buy a small token gift for everyone and wrap it in red tissue w/white ribbon. It's just a little pick-me-up and a I-love-you reminder. Everyone looks forward to that dinner! I think it just breaks upthe monotony.

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I feel like crap and for some strange reason this made me laugh! Did you have a little trauma on Valentines day one year or something- hahahaha
I feel like I have been the opposite w/HS my kids, since they have already experience public school- its hard to explain and compete with zero class parties now etc... So I feel like a great dis-service to them not getting to do the stuff they did in school=)ntm, I ditch everything the moment the celebration is over anyway!

tara @ kidz said...

Ugh. V-day is the most revolting of all the made-up commercialized holidays. Well, that's what I thought until I ordered a necklace for my husband to give to me. LOL!

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