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Friday, January 30, 2009

Homeschool Week 29 in Review

Another week at Childress Academy has come and gone. Here's how this week panned out:

Beginnings: Our theme for the week was America the Beautiful. We talked about Hawaii (oh how we would love to visit one day), Alaska (mommy would love for the rest of the family to enjoy it like she did), caverns, and the Statue of Liberty. We learned about "nk" and "ng" sounds. We added "-ing", "-ank", and "-ink" to our list of word families. We discussed the number of syllables in words as well. Our new service word for the week was "of." The book this week was Camp Out.

Math: We finished up our chapter on subtraction, and we reviewed some of the other skills we've learned (fractions, ordinal position).

Bible: We continued to discuss First Catechism questions 29-31. Caleb has done really well with memorizing these. They are a bit harder than the first set he learned. Our Bible verse for the week was 1 John 5:3a. We were really excited about this verse because Caleb could read every word in it except for "obey" and "commands." It's truly amazing that our little guy is reading. We're so proud of him!

Thanks for following our homeschool adventures, and be sure to join us next week as we have a grammer review!



Stephanie said...

Good to see that things are going well.
I nominated you for an award over at my site so come by and check it out!

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