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Sunday, January 25, 2009

All This for ME?????

I feel soooo special! Lin over at Duck and Wheel with String (what's the meaning of that title Lin?...been meaning to ask...lol) gave me some super duper awards. I'm truly gracious for her kindness, and I cannot believe that she chose moi to give these fabulous awards to. Go visit her, and read what she's got to say. You're sure to get a good laugh. Thanks LIN!

Now, to the awards...

So, you can see why I'm so overwhelmed...little old me gets all those rewards? Wow...who would have thunk it?
Now, without further ado...it's time for me to give those awards to some of my fabulous bloggy friends. And the winners are...(insert drum roll here)...
1. Kaye
6. April

So, ladies...enjoy your rewards and re-gift them with love. I enjoy your blogs, so keep up the fabulous posting!!!!!

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LvPoohBr2 said...

WOW!!! My first awards ever! Thanks so much Sherrie! I can't wait to pass them along!!

Lin said...

Oh, you deserve each and every one of those awards! See--there's some friendship, a positive attitude, and a little love all mixed in! Can't be beat!

I finally explained to someone today what the name means--maybe I need to do a posting about it. Hmm.... thanks for the idea.

Kaye said...

Thanks, Sherrie. I am new to blogging so this award thing confuses me! LOL. What do I do with it and what is it? Seriously, I am clueless!

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