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Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Is For All Of the Homeschoolers

I got this in my email today. I found it quite funny (well, most of it), so I thought I'd share it here for all of my homeschooling bloggy pals! So, enjoy!

You Might Be a Homeschooler If....

You come to school in your PJ's. (oh yeah baby...love it)

Your biology lab consists of assisting in your sibling's birth. (ummm...don't think so)

Your stacks of books to check out is taller than the librarian.

Your PE comes from chasing little toddlers around. (AMEN!!!! I just wish it helped me get thin, too!)

Your school bus is a 9 passenger van.

You consider school work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment.

Your father has ever told the check-out lady at Wal-mart, "We're on a field trip."

Your social life is viewed by some to be one rung lower than that of a Benedictine monk.

Your teacher has ever written your report card on a napkin. (Not yet...who knows though)

You have to move dirty laundry off your desk before your can start school.

The signatures on your diploma all end with the same last name.

Everyone else in the world is referred to as "Non-homies."

Your Mother's wardrobe consists primarily of denim jumpers. (I'll have you know that I do not own ANY jumpers. Now, back when I first started teaching, you betcha I did. I was your typical teacher...apples and all).

Your first real date is on your honeymoon. (I hope not)

The word 'homework' sounds like a foreign language.

Your yearbook is also your babybook.

A snow day means that you shovel the driveway after you finish your school work.

You enjoy the pastime of watching public school kids walk home from school.

You have to look at the clock to see if you can call your public school friends yet.

You think that public-school-kid is an insult of the highest degree. (I don't think this by the way...I was a public-school-kid and so was Brian. It's just our choice to homeschool the boys).

Health class consists of eating breakfast. (LOL!)

You have to decide what year you want to graduate.

You are always late but just call it "homeschooler time." (We're quite punctual thank you very much)

You can remember nearly every single day you went to public school.

The teacher can kiss the principal, and no one thinks it's unusual. (Oh...this is my favorite perk. LOL!)

You get to school and the teacher asks you if you've done all your chores.

You are one of the best people in the world! :)

Okay, now all you public/private schoolers...don't hate. Be nice. It's all good!



Mrs4444 said...

OMG-I just read your comment about the rats getting in through the hole behind your fridge and had to come by to say, "YIKES!" I, too, used the word "Voila" in a post today, so I felt a kinship :) Nice to meet you.

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

This is hilarious!!!!! I am a half n half- so I can't talk about public schools- Next year I will be at 100%=)
But I can pick out a homeschooler- usually a mile away! hahaha And yes, entertainment is watching the ps kids get off the bus and walk home!

LvPoohBr2 said...

Love it!! Although my kids are now ps kids, they were homeschooled for many years. They got a kick out of this list too! ;D

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