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Monday, March 16, 2009

What's Up With the Birds Here???

Okay, so, Brian went to Home Depot yesterday, and he purchased the much needed owl for the garden. He came home, and he hung it on our Shepherd's Hook that we had sitting around. Well, well, well...the birds here are NOT afraid of Mr. Owl. They are still here, and they are still nibbling in our garden. So, what are we doing wrong? The guy at Home Depot said we wouldn't have any bird issues once Mr. Owl made his appearance. We even had to uproot and move our birdhouse and feeders to the other side of the backyard. But -- nope...those little pesky birds are still just flying around and nibbling at their leisure on OUR garden goodies.

So, what now? What are we doing wrong? Does Mr. Owl need to be stationery (is that the right one for not moving...lol)? Any tips and ideas are greatly appreciated!



Anonymous said...

I'll ask my in-laws about theirs. Theirs is stationary on a metal pole next to their garden. It's at least a foot or two about their tallest plants.

Faye said...


April said...

If you have a cat you might try placing some poo around your garden the smell of a predator might keep them away. ;)

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