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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scarecrows...Do they work????

Okay, well, I'm sure you all know that we planted our first garden. Well, we've got some issues.

Now, I'm an animal lover, and we own a dog. But -- those darn animals are messing up our garden, and I'm highly peturbed! We find birds out there nibbling, and we chase them away! You should hear Caleb with his "bird call". LOL!

I don't know what else we've got nibbling, but maybe a rabbit or something?!? Something nibbled the only pretty strawberry that was growing. Oh I'm so mad....how dare they try to eat our fresh produce??!!??

Okay, okay...so help me! I've got a little boy who will be soooo upset if all of his hard labor and work is all for naught because of the garden hoppers. So, what do I do???? Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks peeps!



Anonymous said...

My in-laws put up a decoy owl on a post. They swear it works. I think it's some kind of a painted, hard plastic. It looks real.

Amy said...

I was also going to suggest the owl. And I think there are scents that they don't like. You might be able to look it up on Google.

Sherrie said...

LOL Laura -- that sounds like "Neil" answer. :) He would love that!

Lin said...

You may have to put up a low chicken wire fence to keep the bunnies out. As for birds, I think the owl suggestion is good--I hear they work.

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