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Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Snow

Well, not only was it Caleb's first snow, but it was Micah's first snow as well. So, when he woke up from his morning nap, we all ventured outside to have a little bit of snow fun.

Micah wasn't really enjoying it. I think it was just a tad too cold for him. And Caleb -- well, he tried making snow angels and wanted to throw snow balls at his daddy. Forget the snowman...he was all about snowball fights. LOL! So, enjoy the pictures and don't mind Micah and his tears. He soon became happy again when we got warmed up inside. Caleb enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm him up...he loves the stuff. :)

As of right now, most of the snow has quickly disappeared. It looks to be a mix of rain/snow coming down now. So, we'll see if it accumulates again. If it does, then there may be more pictures. We're trying to enjoy it while we can because this much snow in this part of Georgia is quite a rarity indeed.


I am Harriet said...

It's so funny to meet people who have never seen snow before.
Have fun with it!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I am a little Jealous. I admit it. It would be amazing for it to suddenly snow in San Diego for a few days (only to be followed by the 75 degree weather we have most of the other days of the year of course). But how fun for a random snow to happen!

Lin said...

Somebody looked like me with the snow--all crabby and crying! Snow isn't all that much fun sometimes, but I'm glad you got some to experience!!

Felicia said...

The snow finally made it our way!!!!

We've got almost 5 inches and it keeps on coming! I can't wait to take Graham outside to play tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade a foot or two of the snow in my front yard for a foot or two of that huge backyard!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

It was rare that we got snow too! Of course it disappeared as soon as the sun showed up.


Mom said...

It sure is rare here, isn't it. You got more than we did. We didn't really get any accumulation - just the fun of watching it fall.

The snow mostly went south of us - which is completely unfair.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Such wonderful, wonderful photos, Sherrie. I remember my kids' first encounter with snow very well. Glad to see that you are creating similar, special memories.

Wanted to let you know that we passed a bit of award love your way today:


Check it out when you have a chance.


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