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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Homeschool Week 37 in Review

Wow...only 8 more weeks of Kindergarten...say it isn't so?!!? Can you tell I'm ready to move on to 1st grade where it really counts??? Don't get me wrong, K has been fun, but it hasn't been necessary. It's just been a way for us to get into the whole routine of homeschooling. So, I'm super excited to move on to 1st grade. :)

Here's how this week went:
Beginnings: We took a break from our reading book in order to focus on becoming a better reader. Caleb reads well, but there are days when he doesn't put forth his best effort (don't we all have these days?). So, we spent this week building his reading confidence by reading the first set of BOB books. These books are wonderful, and they are such a great tool for early readers. I think they really build up their confidence and give them the courage to try harder books. We also spent some time reviewing the short and long vowel sounds.

Math: This was also somewhat of a review week in math. We reviewed money, addition and subtraction, and counting by 5s and 10s.

Bible: We added questions 43-45 to our First Catechism study. Our Bible verse for the week was, in my opinion, the best verse in the Bible...John 3:16. Caleb did a super job memorizing it.

Well, we are almost caught up...only 4 more days to go, and we are back on track. We will have another review week next week, so join us as we tackle Set 2 of the Bob Books. :)



eight helping hands said...

I have one in kindergarten as well. I feel somewhat sorry for her. She went to an awesome pre-school that taught her SO MUCH! They also wanted them to be prepared for Kindergarten.
The problem is...she knows everything already. The teacher noticed this and is amazed at her skill level. I just found out that her reading level is high on the 1st grade level.
I kind of agree that Kindergarten can be redundant, but it will help get your child into the home schooling mode.
Will you be teaching over the summer? I have my kids do a worksheet a day for their grade and read for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Are you ready to do the badket exchange yet? Give me some ideas on things you would love to recieve!
I'm glad you are enjoying my gardening tips. I will be answering your questions on tomorrows blog.

Anonymous said...


Just one question for today - did you homeschool pre-k? I am and have been trying to get it done three times a week. I know for kindergarten I need to really get in gear and do it daily...and really get organized. Like planner and everything (i taught k - 2 bilingual ed. for 2 1/2 years before having my son) and planning wasn't my strong point.

do you do lesson plans for yourself?

i am really needing guidance in the homeschool arena even though I had a classroom of my own for 2 1/2 years. schooling at home is totally different!

thank you for your help!!

oops. that was one question right? lol
rosie in IL

Sherrie said...

Rosie -- I did not homeschool Pre-K. We wanted our son to get the social interaction first, so he went to a church preschool for 3 years.

We started with a boxed curriculum this year for K. We use Bob Jones University Press for our curriculum (with the exception of Bible). It gives me a very well-planned idea of what I need to do each day for each subject. I do write my own lesson plans, but I'm also very anal. I basically look at the books/lessons and determine how much time we need to spend on each subject. I then plan accordingly.

I could probably help you better through an email conversation. So, why don't you email me at childresshousehold (at) gmail (dot) com? That way I can answer more in-depth.

Sherrie said...

eight helping hands -- yes, we do school during the summer. We school year-round. So, we'll start 1st grade in June after taking a week off b/t grades.

Yes, I'm ready for the basket exchange. I'm not very picky...anything girly would be great. I love Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works stuff. I can't live without my chapstick/lip gloss. Nail polish...anything really. How about you? What are some ideas for you? :)

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