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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homeschool Week 38 in Review

I am proud to announce that we are ALL CAUGHT UP with our homeschooling. It is such a relief to be back on track. Now, we can get back to our 4-day school week, and I couldn't be happier. So, join me in SHOUTING a big YEEHAW!!!! (Can you hear the southern twang in my voice?). LOL!

With that said, here's how this week went:
Beginnings: We continued to take a break from our reading book, and we read the second set of BOB books. Caleb did soooo well with these books, and I think they were just what he needed to boost his confidence. We continued to review short/long vowel sounds, blends and digraphs.

Math: We learned about adding 5, order of addends, subtracting money, and sharing in subtraction. Caleb also learned how to count to 10 by 2s. I cannot say enough good things about Bob Jones Univ Press. I am amazed at the stuff that Caleb has learned in Kindergarten. I mean...he's learning stuff that my first graders didn't know in the public schools. I'm not going to bash the public schools though...so I'll stop. :)

Bible: We added questions 46 and 58 to our First Catechism study. Our Bible verse for the week was Ephesians 2:8a. Caleb has been asking a lot of questions about what it means to be "saved" and how to become "saved." So, we've been having a lot of discussions on the subject of salvation. We are so thrilled that God is working in Caleb's heart, and we know that God is going to use him for the glory of His Kingdom. This just makes us so happy and proud.

Extra Stuff: We are continuing to take care of our garden. Everything has sprouted except for the zucchini. I think it sprouted and quickly died for some reason. So, I planted some more today. We also added another blueberry bush, and we planted both of those in the ground today. We cannot wait to harvest all of our fruits and veggies.

Join us next week as we talk about "where Jesus walked."



Dan River Mama said...

You have a present over at my blog. Check in the "Awards" post from yesterday...

blueviolet said...

I completely loved those Bob book sets. Those were one of the best discoveries I ever made when the kids were itty.

Lin said...

The blueberry bushes may be attracting the birds to your yard and garden. Maybe you should cover them with netting or something that stops them from coming back for a free meal at the bushes and your garden. They won't know the difference between the two!

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