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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Micah's First Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Micah's first birthday party with our families. The party went well other than a few hiccups. First -- Brian went to Walmart to buy a helium tank to blow up the balloons. Well, he got it home only to find out it was a USED and RETURNED helium tank. It was empty and there were even chips and grease (from chips) in the bottom of the box. How nasty and awful is that?!!? Who in their right mind would use a one-time use helium tank and then return it??? That's just WRONG and I'm sure it would only happen here in this crazy town we live in. So, he had to go to get a replacement and this pushed the birthday party starting hour back a little. But -- everyone was happy and content, so no problems there.

Micah opened up his array of gifts, and man...the boy racked up. He got all kinds of gifts...balls, cars, lots of noise-making toys (mommas ALWAYS love those, right?), and even a 4-wheeler for his size. Thanks Uncle Daniel...he'll love it! :)

Well, we then moved on to the birthday cake, and well...Micah was NOT having it. He was fine while we were singing and I was holding his cake. But -- I put it on his highchair tray, and that was it. He was NOT happy. We tried getting him to eat it, but he wouldn't even touch the thing. So, after deciding he was too tired to partcipate, my mom held him for his nap. He later woke up full of happiness and giggles, but we didn't try the cake again.

After everyone left, we headed out to Olive Garden with Omi, Opa, Uncle Patrick, and Aunt Darcy. Then we headed home and saw them all off back to the ATL to try to beat the race traffic (it didn't work out so well...sorry you guys had traffic issues). We then just rested and did NOTHING.

It was a GREAT day, but I'm sad to see my baby grow up. He's just growing up too fast, and so is his older brother. Oh well...that's par for the course, right?

Enjoy the pictures!

The party decorations...some anyway...
The birthday boy himself in his MONKEY tee...
The big monkey party on balloon from Omi and Opa
Micah with his sock monkey...
Micah eyeing one of his new toys...
Is this not the CUTEST little face EVER???? Look at those eyes!
Daddy showing Micah his pop-up farm toy.
One of the many "YEAHS" we got from boo-boo...he was sooo excited.
Micah playing with his new toys.
Micah on his new four-wheeler from Uncle Daniel
This cake was soooo darn cute, and it was soooo good. I will use Babycakes again.
Micah's own special cake...
Uncle Patrick with his obligatory funny pose (he does at least one every birthday party...lol).
Micah looking at his cake...not too sure what to think yet.
Awww...look at that pitiful crying baby...he was NOT having it.



Laura said...

I love this post!! And I LOVE the monkey theme!! So perfect!! Sure wish I had a piece of that cake, too!

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