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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homeschool Week 35 in Review

Another week at Childress Academy has come to a close. This just means we are closer and closer to finishing up Kindergarten. I'm sad and happy at the same time. You see...it means Caleb will soon be another year older, but first grade promises to be soooo much fun. I've already started the plans, and I'm lovin' all of the books. I'm so pleased with Bob Jones University Press as our curriculum of choice. The GCP for Bible has also been a wonderful choice.

Anyhoo, here's how our 35th week went:

Beginnings: Our theme for the week was "It's Winter." This was a bit appropriate as our spring-like weather quickly cooled off a bit. It was cold enough for jackets and sweatshirts after wearing tanks and shorts. CUH-RAZEE Georgia weather I tell ya...We added "-oat", "-oad", "-ow", "-e", and "-0" to our word families. Caleb is quickly getting down all of the phonics rules. It's helping me remember it all, too. LOL! "Two" was added to our list of service words (sight words is another term, but our curriculum uses service instead). We talked about winter, hibernation, snow, and winter sports. Our book this week was Noah, and Caleb did a wonderful job with reading.

Math: We finished up our measurement chapter. We learned about litres, balance scales, and continued to talk about the centimeter.

Bible: We had a review of questions 33-39 in the First Catechism. Our Bible verse for the week was John 6:47.

Art: We made homemade bird feeders this week. Caleb cut shapes out of bread, let it dry, spread it with peanut butter, and dipped it in bird seed. We also made one out of a string of cheerios. We're waiting until the rain stops to hang them outside and watch the birds eat away. We also made snow scenes by painting with salt water. This didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would, but maybe I just didn't get the directions. LOL!

Extra Stuff: We registered Caleb for T-ball in the town where I grew up. It'll be neat watching him play ball where I played. :) Caleb also enjoyed another week of co-op classes.

Join us next week as we delve into Spring again. :)


devri said...

I miss spring too..

I am having a giveaway for a wonderful tutu, go enter!

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Ya know I am not going to come by if I see homeschool on here- LOL! I am so behind- I feel so horrible! Good Job, you are really doing great aren't you! I am using Abeka- its so great- I just can't get it down- period! Happy St. Patricks Day!

Laura said...

Alise missed the cut-off date for t-ball in our town by 24 days! Because of insurance reasons, they wouldn't let her play this year. Maybe next.

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