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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Calling All Stainless Steel Lovers/Owners...

Okay, it's no secret...I HATE cleaning my stainless steel appliances. I'm so glad we went with the black fridge instead of the stainless.

But -- with that said, how in the world do you clean your stainless appliances? What have you found to be the BEST cleaning technique/product? I've tried the wipes, but I haven't found any that work really well. I DESPISE cleaning the darn stuff, so anything that will make it easier is much needed.

So, share....what do you use? Thanks peeps!



Regina Bertrand said...

I havent found it either. When you do let me know. I use everything you are not suppose too. :)

My Lil Guyz said...

I use this spray called Sprayway.

BUT, I think stainless steel stains. For some reason, there are some spots that no matter what I use, don not come out. Kind of like clothing, some spots just wont go away.

Anyway, Sprayway seems to get it nice and shiny.....
Until my 2 year old gets his smudgy fingers on the frige only a few hours after I cleaned it.
( my next house, I will be getting black fridge as well! )


Leigh said...

We use stainless steel wipes. They work amazingly well, but they do leave your hands feeling funky, no matter how many times you wash them afterward.

Sherrie said...

Laura -- what kind did you get? I thought for sure you would have stainless with that fancy shmancy kitchen of yours. :) Miss you sooooo much!

Shelly said...

After spending years in the restaurant business the trick we used to make the stainless shine was baby oil. We would clean the stainless with degreaser and then after drying we would wipe the counters with baby oil and they would shine for days.

SpottedCow said...

We use a commercial grade stainless cleaner in our kitchen at school that we purchase from one of our food purveyors. You can find some in hardware stores. It comes in a spray can. Good Luck!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I don't have stainless steel appliances but have organized for clients that did. My top two standby's are Windex and Pledge wipes (you can use pledge wipes on granite countertops too). Hope that helps!

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