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Monday, March 2, 2009

Google Analytics...How DID You Find Me???

Well, it's time for me to take another look at my Google Analytics Keyword Search information. So, let's see what kind of searches brought people my way this past month. Are you ready??? Get your laughing gear on...grab a depends if you need one. :)

  1. Sherrie needs -- No surprise here since I did this little Google game.
  2. Dream about boogers -- Again...people...these two things don't go together.
  3. Popcorn chicken salad -- Well, Caleb did decide to make this, so not really a surprise.
  4. Toddlers stomach flu eating popcorn -- You know...toddlers really shouldn't be eating popcorn, but who am I to tell you what to feed your little ones? :)
  5. Bunco gift ideas -- Yep, discussed it here.
  6. Biggest alligator in captivity -- This would refer to our visit to Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach last summer. We're headed back again this summer...yippee!
  7. Booger valentines -- Ummm...no thank you please.
  8. Brookwood nicu blogspot -- I'm not sure about this one, or it's relevance to my blog.
  9. Childresshousehold -- Like I said last month, just add me to your favorites...it makes finding your favorite blogger easier. *hint, hint* :)
  10. Competitive, talkative -- Well, this would describe most of the family here. :)
  11. Do edible undies expire? -- When all else fails, just ask google. LOL!
  12. Dogs sherrie . com -- ummm...no, this isn't nice. :)
  13. Gift card giveaway -- makes sense I guess.
  14. Giving up chocolate headaches -- Well, if giving up chocolate causes you headaches, then you may want to consult your doctor. Or -- just go back to eating chocolate. :)
  15. Homeschool toddler -- I do homeschool, and yep, I've got a toddler.
  16. I was blind without my glasses -- Again, not sure on this one...lol
  17. Kindergarten report card -- yep, I have one for Caleb.
  18. Michael Miller fabric at the blackboard -- this would be a shout out to my Esty friend, Sandee
  19. Shovel home depot daughter homework -- I think someone was trying to find that little homework post...you know, the pole dancing. LOL!
  20. Tastefully simple codes -- I did mention Tastefully Simple, but I don't get the codes part.
  21. Valentines grinch, christmas, pee, avon -- Come on now...what do all of these things do with one another? I'm not a Valentine's Grinch, but I don't care for the holiday. And the pee and avon...WHAT?!!?
  22. What does it mean to see boogers in your dreams? -- Well, it means you've been picking that nose one time too many, or you've had one too many to drink my friend. And why are you looking for this on Google? You may want to seek help immediately! :)
  23. White elephant bunco -- Yep, you saw it here.
  24. Childress Merchant Solutions Ga -- This one actually makes me VERY happy as this is my hubby's business. And -- if people are looking for him, then they NEED his services. Good, good, keep it up peeps!

So, there you have it... Now, what words brought people YOUR way??? Please sign up so you can share! I'd love to see your list!


Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Oh I just saw my name on your sidebar! Aw! your so sweet! Thank you! I am still trying to find out what you mean by what words bring you to my blog- How would I know???? I kinda have the unfair advantage of knowing what to key in don't I?- you'll have to explain later=)

Laura said...

This is so kewl! I haven't looked at mine in a while, but I plan to soon and will post the results.

Sherrie said...

Kelleye -- you have to sign up for Google Analytics and then embed the code in your blog settings. After you do that, it will let you know how people are finding your website. The keyword information is a list of words/searches that people enter into Google search that then sends them to your blog. It's really funny seeing what people are looking for on Google and how they get to your blog. Join up...it's free and fun!

Anonymous said...

Do edible undies expire? HAHAHAHA! I don't even want to know.

I signed up for Google Analytics. I must have put the code in wrong because it's not working. This was like a week ago. I haven't bothered to look at it again. Guess I need to do so.

Kati said...

I just joined the google analytics yesterday! I am super excited!!!

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