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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day of Fun in Atlanta

Yesterday we headed up to Atlanta to spend some time with Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy. We had been wanting to take Caleb (and Micah) to the Georgia Aquarium, so we decided to go for a visit after church.

Uncle Patrick helps Caleb spot the gecko (sponsored by Geico no less)
Micah was just along for the ride
One of the Beluga whales...isn't it just a beautiful animal?
One of Caleb's many "faces"...he never just smiles...it's either serious or goofy.
Caleb being a goof...again!
Aunt Darcy, Caleb, and Unlce Patrick on the "ride"
Caleb and daddy in the bubble
Oh wait...he's smiling...well, sorta
Micah enjoying some snacks outside

Well, I have to admit...the aquarium didn't really impress me much. They make it out to be one of the biggest, but I can't fathom that. Maybe they have the biggest tank...which is a possibility, but the aquarium itself...well, it didn't blow me away by any means. Maybe it was the crowd...it was sooooo darn crowded. I honestly couldn't care to go back, but because I'm a loving mommy...well, if my boys wanna go back, we will. :)

After we were done at the aquarium, we headed across the street to Centennial Olympic Park. I'm sure you all remember...Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Games.

After Caleb played in the park a little bit, we headed on over to Johnny Rocket's and indulged in some fatty yummy food. We even splurged and had dessert (sundaes and shakes all around please). Micah was being so funny just eating up his food, dropping it on the floor, playing with a paper bag, and just being a goof.

We then headed back to Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy's place. Caleb and Uncle Patrick flew a few paper airplanes, and then we headed back home.
It was a fun day. Thanks to Unlce Patrick and Aunt Darcy for spending the day with us. We hope to do it again soon...maybe the zoo? :)



Lin said...

Oh, I'm surprised at your thought about the aquarium--my cousins live there and rave about it all the time. Hmmmm... maybe it was too crowded to enjoy. Glad you had fun either way.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'd love to visit the aquarium. Hope to do that eventually. :)

eight helping hands said...

AW! That looked like it was fun! No? We go to the Baltimore aquarium and every time we go, it's crowded, and not as much fun as we hope. You have such cute kids! I love coming here to read you.

Lisa P said...

ooooh looks like fun! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I always have advise on coupoing. First just make it a priority. Sit down on Sundays and clip and sort first!

Rob said...

Sounds like a fun day. We have a nice aquarium in Baltimore, Md but it is darm expensive (just to look at fish). LOL

Retinna Bell said...

Oh my word! I think I'm in love with this blog! This is such a terrific blog! Thanks for making it available to everyone. :^)

Jen said...

What a cool outing.
I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I have you in the Easter Basket Swap. So glad to meet you.

Faye said...


J. Leigh Designz said...

Wow looks like SO much fun! I have my giveaways up if you'd like to add yours :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great day!! I haven't been to that aquarium so I can't comment on it! It sure sounds and looks like you all had a fun time!

Sue said...

Looks like a great day. The blue whale is beautiful.

Makes me want to go to the aquarium around me.

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