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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homeschool Week 36 in Review

Yippee!!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...the tunnel of being soooo far behind in homeschooling, that is. :) But -- it is there...I see it.

This is how our 36th week went:
Beginnings: Our theme for the week was It's Spring. We added "-y", "-uddy", "-usty", "-unny", and "-ight" to our word families. "There" was added to our list of service words. We talked about rain, rainbows, wind, kites, Benjamin Franklin, spring, and birds' nests. The book for this week was The Best Day.

Math: We had another chapter on time this week. We reviewed the parts of the clock, and we discusses digital and analog clocks. Caleb reviewed counting by 5s when we discussed that an hour has 60 minutes.

Bible: We added questions 40-42 to our First Catechism study. Our Bible verse for the week was Ezekiel 36:26a.

Art: We spent some time focusing on art this week. Caleb made a paper bag puppet, did a chalk drawing, and painted with watercolors. We hope to be able to do more with art now that Micah is sleeping in his crib, and we can have some "free" time in the afternoons.

Extra Stuff: Caleb had a dental appointment this week, and he checked out just fine. We also spent some time taking care of the garden and the birds. We're going to the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow, and we are all super excited. This will be our first visit (I know...crazy, huh).

Join us next week as we take a break from our reading schedule and do some Reading Review. We will focus on reviewing all that Caleb has learned thus far. :)



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Kati said...

Ahh! I dont have you as a swap partner.. she made it random.. but that is okay!!

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I can't wait!!

always_317537 said...

Hey Sherrie !

Come on over to my blog... I have an award waiting for you :)


Leslie M.

Sherrie said...

Lin -- we do not take the summer off b/c we are doing year-round schooling. This allows us to only school 4 days a week, and we still take one week breaks. I think Caleb and myself need the structure and dependence of the year-round. If I had to get it all done b/t August-May, I'd go crazy trying to fit it all in b/c well...life happens around here. LOL!

Together We Save said...

You and your husband have the same anniversary as we do. Congrats we will have been married 20 years this July.

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