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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our First Garden Harvest...and Follow Me Gadget

I know I haven't posted much about our garden, but it's really been doing well. Today we decided to harvest some of our lettuce and petite carrots. So, take a look-see. We will be making a small salad with this tonight to go along with our spaghetti. We're so happy that we didn't do all of this for naught.

Romaine and red leaf lettuce
Petite carrots

Now, on to the little "Follow Me" gadget. Evidently, this may be causing my IE issues with the blog. So, for now, I have removed it from my sidebar. I hope to add it back once Blogger solves the problem. But -- until then, I do apologize for having to remove it.

In the meantime, I think we should all ban up on contact Blogger to let them know they should have never changed the format of the darn gadget anyway. So, won't you join me in calling them out?!!? LOL! :)


heidi said...

Your garden veggies look awesome!! I wanted to grow lettuce but we didn't plant in time. We're planning our summer veggies now.

I use Safari's Beta 4. I'm one of the test pilots ;o). Firefox caused too many problems. Internet Explorer isn't Safari. But Blogger is very touchy.

Anonymous said...

I can't even remember what it looked like before, but the current Follower Gadget is U-G-L-Y!

Sawatzky family said...

Hehehe I can see you now on IE lol
It must have been that darn gadget! your veggies look great! :)

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

We are just putting ours in the ground hee,hee! I actually found Jennisa through you. I fell in love with your blog the second I saw it!

Unknown said...

Lovin the veggies! I planted mine too early & that late frost got them & I was too slack to replant! They'll be plenty of veggies for me at the fruit stand. You should take the boys for some ice cream.

Tell me how to contact blogger & I will.

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