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Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeschool Weeks 43-45 in Review

Can I get a big WAHOO?????? We are DONE with Kindergarten. We finished up our last lesson today. We weren't supposed to finish until Friday, but I decided to double up so that we could have two weeks off as opposed to one. So, we'll be enjoying a much needed break before starting FIRST GRADE on June 1st. Here's how our last few weeks panned out:

Beginnings: We finished up our reading book. The word "one" was added to our list of service words. We spent time reading EVERY single word family word that Caleb has learned this year. We also spent time reading some "Step Into Reading" books...the first level. Caleb has done so well, and he is finally starting to enjoy reading. We've been trying to instill a love for reading all year, but I think it's finally paying off. As his confidence in reading grows, so does his love for the subject. I've gone through all of our reading books at home, and I've picked out the ones that he should be able to read without much help. I have these set aside so that he can read them with me. Once he's done that, they're added to his book basket. Then he can choose any book from his basket and read it with no assistance. So, we really hope that he will continue to develop a love for books and reading. Wish us luck...

Math: We finished up the chapter on fractions. Then we spent some time reviewing some of the skills we've learned this year (counting money, adding, subtracting, time, etc). Caleb really seems to enjoy math, and he's like his momma in that area. I always loved math, and I did well in that area. But -- reading...well that's another story. LOL!

Bible: We reviewed the First Catechism and our Bible verses for the year. We're looking forward to starting a new Bible series in 1st grade. Caleb seems to be thriving on our Bible lessons, so we're super proud of that. :)

Caleb grew so much spiritually, physically, and mentally this year. We are so proud of all that he has learned in Kindergarten, and we cannot wait to see what he will accomplish in FIRST GRADE!

Thank you for following our first year of homeschooling adventures. I hope to continue to update our studies as we start first grade, but I haven't come up with a plan yet. But -- be on the look-out...I'm sure I'll figure out a posting schedule at some point soon.


Kati said...

Congrats to your little man! How exciting. I am counting the days until preschool starts..haha!

Lin said...

Woooohoooo!! School is out for.....one week??! What??! Alice Cooper couldn't work that into a song, I don't think.

Wendy said...

Good job mama! I am glad that all your hard working is paying off. Madilynn has really discovered a love for reading this year. She really loves her books.

Sawatzky family said...

Congrats on a year complete!
You must school year round then?
How do you work out your breaks between the school year? I am really debating starting before fall here as well...mainly cuz I am so stinkin' excited to get going already lol! It never even occured to me to actully school through the summer....that is just crazy!....or is it? ;b
All these questions when you just asked for a comment lmao!
So again CONGRATS!!!!
Any kindie grad pictures?

Lisa said...

Congratulations! My youngest just finished kinder too and is now working on first grade stuff until her sis finishes second grade (unlike you, math is not a favorite around here...have quite a bit of second grade math to finish). I believe we will be studying year round as well.....

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