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Friday, May 15, 2009

So, What Do You Think????

I'm sure you've already noticed (how could you not really) that I have a new blog layout. Don't you just love it? I found out about Leslie from Kelly's Korner, so I went over to see what she could do. She was so great to work with. Let's face it...I'm a very picky and anal person, so I'm probably NOT the best client when it comes to doing a blog layout. LOL! But she listened to what I wanted, and she worked with me. So, if you're looking for someone to do a bloggy makeover on your site, go check out her work. Her prices are also super reasonable.

Since I have a new blog layout, I've also got a new bloggy button. So, feel free to grab it and replace the old one. And if you what are you thinking don't have my button on your blog, well, get on it bloggy pal. I'll be sure to reciprocate the linky love. :)


Sawatzky family said...

WoW! Looks great!
Isn't getting a new blog look great!
I am still digging my new look too!

Tammy said...

Your new blog look is wonderful. I love the colors. Hey I also loved the old one. I'm sure a new look is refreshing I should really do something with mine.

heidi said...

This looks great. Sometimes change just feels good. Kinda like what spring cleaning can do for our homes. Which reminds me I got a couch to be working on. My mom just informed me she coming for a visit during July 4th...plenty of time to procrastinate along the way. LOL!!!

Sherrie said...

Well Sarah -- why don't you tell us what you really think? LOL! Just kidding...serioulsy though...what do you find too overwhelming? Mind sharing?

Anonymous said...

I think she means that you use to have a really cute site. This one it's hard to read the posts.

Sarah said...

You asked, so I will tell. The design has some potential if the layers were discernible, but it reminds me of a casserole that was left in the oven way too long and everything melted together so you can't tell each ingredient apart. The text color is hard to read too.

Anonymous said...

Margins and padding is something that any real designer would be concerned with. The padding is what keeps your letters from hitting the borders....there are people who can look at your code for you.

Sherrie said...

Sarah -- I appreciate your honesty. I had changed the text color, but I just now switched it back to black. I don't like BORING black, but if it's easier to read, then that's fine.

Anonymous -- Are you referring to the letters on the left of my posts? Again, I have no clue when it comes to html and such, so I can't fix it. On my screen, it appears fine. But -- it could all be the type of browser as well (right?)???

Oh well, I like the design, and that's what matters. I do appreciate the honesty though. :)

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