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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Florida Vacation May 2009

We headed to Florida last Thursday after Caleb's co-op presentation. It was a car full of folks...Caleb, Micah, Alice (Laura's former neighbor and the adopted Granny to her kiddos), Nicole (Alice's granddaughter), and me. We had a good trip down, and we finally arrived around 7:30pm. All of the kiddos were excited to see each other, and once we figured out sleeping arrangements, we sent them off to bed. The adults enjoyed some conversation and much needed adult beverages. LOL!

Friday morning, Laura and Alice took Hunter and Tina to school. Then, we all headed to the beach. This was only Micah's 2nd visit to the beach, but he was only 3 months old when we went last summer. He did really well considering, and well...I got a little too much sun. And -- yes, I used sunscreen...SPF 30 at that. Go figure. After the beach, we came home to rest. Then Laura picked up the kiddos from school, and she and I took the kids to the pool (minus Nicole, Micah, and Alice). I think this only added to my sunburn, and I felt like crap by the time evening rolled around.

We had decided to grill out on Friday night for supper. So, I put the hamburgers together, Alice made rice, and Laura made a pasta salad. Then, we took the kids outside to shuck some corn on the cob. Yeah I know...a meal full of starches, but man...it was all so yummy. And -- when you're on vacation...well, who cares what you eat, right?!!? :)

The kids were exhausted, so they had an early bedtime...which meant more relaxing for the adults. We watched Yes Man, and Laura fell asleep and was snoring before it was over. Shhh...don't tell her I mentioned that (love ya girlie).

Caleb getting ready to go for a walk on the beach. Micah walking along the beach...he was such a trooper.
It was a high rip current, so the jelly fish were all washed up. This is one of the many we saw on the beach.
Micah playing in the sand.
Caleb having fun in the water.
Mean ol' Laura and Alice kept raggin' me about Micah's hair being so long. So, they put it in a ponytail. It WILL be getting cut tomorrow afternoon, but he's cute REGARDLESS. :)
Here's everyone outside shucking the corn.
Micah playing with a spinning top.
Hunter, Caleb, and Tina enjoying some ice cream.
Caleb and Hunter playing "Chung Fu Panda."

Tina "baby-sitting" Micah...she had so much fun playing with him, and he enjoyed it, too. :)

Saturday, we got up and went to the beach again. The kids all had a blast. Micah wasn't as fond of the sand as he was on the Friday. We had a picnic lunch, and the kids just played and played. We're convinced they could have stayed all day, but we were all exhausted. So, we headed home. We made tacos for dinner, and the kids again played Kung Fu Panda on the X-Box. After we put the kids to bed, we watched some TV and again enjoyed a night of relaxing and enjoying adult conversation.

Caleb and Tina playing in the sand. Tina, Caleb, and Hunter digging in the sand.
Micah isn't so sure of the sand today...
Micah gets a sip of water with the help of Granny Alice.
I sat down at the edge of the water with Micah...couldn't tell if he was crying or laughing.
Caleb splashing in the waves.
Micah isn't so sure if he likes this cold water.
Hunter decided he needed to take a rest.
Tina having a blast in the water.
Caleb with the "beach-spit" look...LOL! I have pictures with Tina doing this, too.
Tina giving Caleb a hug...little did he know that she had a surprise up her sleeve (in her hand rather).
See...I told you Tina had the "beach-spit" look, too. LOL!

Sunday, we got up and took the kiddos to the Brevard Zoo. They had a blast taking the kayak ride, feeding the lorakeets and playing in the water park area. Then, we just chilled out and did nothing. Sunday night we decided to go eat at Chili's. All of the kiddos were very well-behaved, and it was a much needed time of just talking and having fun. Then, they went to bed, and we watched the Amazing Race and The Celebrity Apprentice. And -- of course...we RELAXED. LOL! :)

Tina and Caleb examining a giraffe neck. Giraffe...or wait...is it a ZEBRA? LOL!
Look at the pretty giraffe.
Cutie-patootie Micah...just chillin'.
Tina, Laura, Caleb, Hunter, and Nicole walking down for the kayak ride.
Hunter and Caleb waiting...
Everyone is in and ready to go...notice Hunter's hands...they will stay there THE ENTIRE TIME!!!
And they're off...LOL!
Tina and Nicole getting set to go...
Look at them...having fun. And look at Hunter's hands...they haven't moved.
Caleb had such a good time...I'll have to join them next time. :)
Hunter, Caleb, and Laura coming in for the end...
Tina and Nicole coming for the end...
Caleb feeding the lorakeets...he looks okay right now. :)
Laura and the lorakeets...she's always such a magnet for them.
One decided to hop on Caleb's shoulder...he's not so sure about this...
Nicole and Laura...look at all the birds. I even had some jump on my shoulder, and I didn't have ANY food for them...LOL! It wasn't so fun.
See what I mean...Caleb isn't so sure. LOL!
Look at that...he's out of food, and the lorakeet is hanging around. :)
Tina enjoyed having them on her...LOL!
Caleb playing in the water area (and this is such a neat idea for a zoo).
Look at Hunter...taking a dip.

This is Caleb coming in for a talk with Mommy...notice his face. Now, look at his lips. Think he got into trouble? LOL! I'll have to share our secret "mommy-tool" later. ;)
Micah isn't so sure about the water...
Caleb and Hunter splashing the worker...he just stood there and let them do it, too. But -- he did splash back a few times. :)
Caleb having fun in the water.
Tina got a "kitty" face.
Hunter got a "spider-man" face. Caleb opted out.

Monday morning, Laura took the kiddos to school. Then, she brought back a Starbucks for me. After that, we said our good-byes, and then we were off. We had such a good time. I'm hoping to go back in August SANS kids so wish me luck. LOL!

Oh, and if you ever need a "mommy-tool"...let me share ours. You see, Nicole has a tongue ring. So, we let her show it to the kids. We then explained that she got said ring by being ugly to her parents (not listening, talking back, etc). So, we used that as our "threatening" the rest of the weekend. It worked like a charm...LOL! Don't hate...we're just kidding. :)
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Heather said...

I didn't know you were going to "my" part of Florida! My parents graduated high school, met and married in Melbourne. I lived there briefly as a kid. We're going back there this summer to visit my sister who lives there. I'd completely forgotten about the zoo there; we'll have to check it out when we go!

Mighty M said...

Looks like a fantastic time!! The giraffe picture is very cute. I am sure Micah will look great whether you cut his hair or not! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. Great pictures!

My son's hair looked like that before we finally cut it. First haircuts make little boys look so grown up.

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