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Friday, May 22, 2009

Yeah Baby...

So, after doing some online image searching and some scrapblogging...I DID IT! I created a button for the official Work It Out Wednesday that I'll host each Wednesday. I was even able to put in the text area so you can just copy/paste to add it to your blogs. How COOL?!!? Hey...even this old woman computer illiterate chic can learn something every now and again. :)

So, come back HERE on Wednesday and join me for Work It Out Wednesday. Now, I still can't figure out Mr. Linky and after reading all the issues with the site on Twitter today...well, we'll just do it the old fashioned way. You can just leave your comment, and I'll stop by for some encouragement. :) Sound like a plan? GOOD!!!! See you back HERE on Wednesday! (Yes, yes, my friend...you're welcome to stop by before then). :)


Sawatzky family said...

very excited to join in the fun on wed's! Congrats on the getting the button all figured out! ;)

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

If you need help with Mr. Linky let me know :) I love Mr. Linky! I even paid the $5 for the year to use it multiple times a week!

If you go to www.picnik.com it makes it really easy for carnival buttons. I made my Sunday's Supper and Talkative Tuesday on picnik!

Valerie said...

Sherrie you can tell new followers if they want to follow you to press the follow blog button at the top of blogger. They have to be signed in to see the button. I will definitely like to join in on the fun on Wednesday!

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