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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the Road Again...

Well, as of tomorrow afternoon, the boys and I will be on the road again. What...you want to know where we're going? Let me tell you...we're going to FLORIDA! Woohoo! We will be going to see Laura, Hunter, and Tina. They moved away back in February, and we haven't seen them since then. I still talk to Laura nearly every day (thank goodness for Verizon's Friends & Family...lol), but we miss them sooooo much. They were our closest friends, and we lived in the same neighborhood. So, it's been a big adjustment.

I have to take Caleb to homeschool co-op first thing in the morning. Then, I'm going to come back home and make a taco lasagna. After that's done cooking, I'll drop by and pick up Alice (Tina and Hunter's adopted Granny and former neighbor) and her granddaughter. Then, we'll head back to Caleb's co-op for the end of the session presentation and luncheon. Once all of that is over, we'll head on down to Florida. Hopefully we'll be there by 8ish or so tomorrow night. It's about a 6 hour trip, so I'm hoping the boys cooperate.

We're sure to be spending some time at the beach trying not to get skin cancer soaking up some rays and having fun in the water. I'm sure Micah and Caleb will have a blast. We'll probably spend some time at the Brevard Zoo feeding the birds, maybe taking a kayak ride, and enjoying the water play area (think spray park).

Once we've exhausted ourselves, we'll head on back to Georgia on Monday. We have to be back for Caleb's t-ball practice at 6pm, so it'll be an early start for sure. Stay tuned for lots of pictures...

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heidi said...

Have a great visit and enjoy the weather. I know the end of year stuff. We've got performances one after another. And tomorrows will be the last for the school year. Ahhhh. My fabric comes tomorrow so I'll be starting next week...such a huge project. What was I truly thinking???

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