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Friday, April 10, 2009

Say it Forward Meme

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It's Friday...Good Friday at that! That means it's time for another installment of the Say it Forward Meme! This Meme is presented by 5 Minutes for Mom, and I truly think it's one of the best Memes out there. I mean...who doesn't want to be recognized for being a faithful and loyal commenter?!!? I know I love it when I get comments, and I try to be faithful in my commenting. Some weeks are better than others, but that's just to be expected with normal household and mommy duties calling.

So, this week's Loyal Commenter Award goes to...

Mighty M over @ The Mighty M Family

Mighty M came across my blog through our blog designer's blog. She and I both chose Jennisa over @ Once Upon a Blog to do our blog makeovers. Once Jennisa is done making over a blog, she adds it to her portfolio. Then, her clients can peruse other designs by clicking on the headers.

So, I don't remember if I clicked on Mighty M's header or vice versa. But -- that doesn't really matter.

What matters is that Mighty M has since been a faithful commenter on my blog. She's such a sweetie, and she has the cutest little girl and boy. If you haven't ever checked out her blog, go on over and say "hello." I'm sure you'd enjoy reading her posts...she's very funny and witty. :)

Might M -- pick up this award and display it proudly on your blog. Let everyone know that YOU are a faithful and loyal commenter!


And -- if you still aren't participating in this fun Meme, well what are you waiting for?!!? Go on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and sign up. It's worth your time!

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Mighty M said...

That is such a nice post!! Thanks so much for the lovely award - I will display with pride!! ;-)

Roxy said...

I would TOTALLY agree with you! Mighty M is always quick to leave a comment...and it nice to know someone is reading your thoughts! YEAH for Mighty M

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