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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and I pray that you took time to reflect on what this day actually means to us as Christians. HE is RISEN!

The boys woke up this morning to find their baskets filled with goodies. Now, we don't do the Easter Bunny around here. Caleb knows that the goodies came from us. Brian is really big into not portraying the Easter Bunny and other characters as "real"...nope, not going to get into that right now. But -- Caleb also knows not to tell other children that they aren't real...we've told him that it's the parents job to do that, not his. So, don't worry...he's not going to ruin it for any little kids...promise. Just understand it's how we deal with the situation. :)

Micah's basket and goodies...shake & go elephant car and 3 puzzles

Caleb's basket of goodies...bug catcher, some Easter games, candy, Star Wars Legos, magnifying glass for outsideMicah digging into his basket
Micah with his new car
Caleb with his favorite...Star Wars Legos
Caleb with his new magnifying glass (and of course Micah getting into brother's goodies, too)
Micah decided HE wanted the magnifying glass and Caleb's Reese's egg. :)
Caleb...he's just getting so darn grown-looking.
Oh, and next year...well, I think I'll give Micah's basket to Caleb and vice versa. You see...it never fails...they always want what the other one gets. So, if I give the opposite one the wrong basket...then they'll actually be wanting THEIR basket. Make sense? LOL! Isn't it amazing though...you buy something thinking they'll love it, but nope...they want what the other one got. Such is life I guess. :)
We headed to my mom's for lunch and some egg hunting. This is the yearly Easter tradition. And -- we always love going over there because they have more land than we do, and the boys can run free. But here -- well, we're in a subdivision, and it's a lot busier than Grandma's street. :)
Anyway, we got there and hunted some eggs. Then, the boys headed inside to see the goodies from Grandma and Granddaddy. After that, we all stuffed ourselves enjoyed mom's good cooking. Then, Caleb wanted to play outside. So, he rode his bike (with and without training wheels), caught bugs, and practiced catching balls in his new glove.
Caleb hunting eggs
Micah finding his first Easter eggHe eventually figured out to put it in the basket...but he much preferred to just hold one in each hand. :)
Caleb finding more eggs...he couldn't be happier.
Micah enjoying the "freedom" in Grandma and Granddaddy's yard
Caleb SCORED...3 eggs (I'm sure Uncle Daniel helped a bit).
Caleb digging into his Easter bag from Grandma and Granddaddy
Micah got a dollar in his card, and he's NOT giving it up. :)
Caleb riding his bike...again, he can't do this at our house b/c our driveway goes downhill and so does our street. :(Micah found his first stick.
Micah playing with Granddaddy's wrenches.
Caleb on his bike without training wheels...he's not quite ready yet, but he's trying.
So, there you have it...a very busy and fun day spent with family. Stay tuned for a couple of videos of Micah hunting eggs. :)
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Anonymous said...

That's what I've been thinking about all day: He is risen!

Happy Easter!

Kati said...

Hey.. whatever works for you guys! Your kids are adorable.. and I hope they had a super Easter.

it sure looks warm there!

Sawatzky family said...

Looks like a day well spent with family. Which is exactly what we did as well...only in much colder temps lol
I can't imagine it being warm enough to actually hunt for eggs outside lol

Mighty M said...

Funny how kids always want what they don't have! You probably could fill one basket with sand and the other with new toys and the sand would be the most popular gift! ;-)

Lin said...

Those boys are just adorable! Caleb is starting to look like a little man!!

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