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Monday, April 27, 2009

Did You Miss Me????

I've been MIA from the bloggy world for over a week now. I tell you...that's a tough thing. Why you ask??? Because when you come back to the bloggy world you are so darn behind on reading all of your favorites. So, I apologize to all of my bloggy pals...I'm trying to slowly catch up. Give me some time...I'll be back to my comment leaving self in no time. :)

Now, on to our spring break festivities. We headed to Virginia to visit Omi and Opa after Caleb's t-ball practice last Monday (the 2oth). Man...it was a LONG trip. But -- the kiddos did great. They each slept most of the way, and Brian and I each drove a piece. We finally arrived around 5am on Tuesday. After settling in, we took Micah back to bed with us, and Caleb tried to stay up with Omi and Opa. He soon tuckered out for his own short nap.

We pretty much just sat around the house on Tuesday. Micah and Caleb helped Opa out in the yard with the bird feeders. Micah had such a good time just walking in the grass and being outside. He LOVES his freedom now that he's able to walk every where.

Caleb, Micah, and Opa filling up the bird feeders.
Micah uses the pole to get his balance.
Micah helping Opa carry the bucket of bird food.
Micah and Opa stop to take a rest.
Caleb playing with his remote control spider that Omi and Opa got him.
Micah...such a cutie-patootie.
Micah with a new "toy".
Micah and Omi checking out the back yard.
Wednesday, Brian and I got up and went to the gym with Omi. Then we came home to get ready for the day. Caleb got to ride his bike outside with Opa. After lunch, we headed into town to help Omi and Opa find a computer. They'd been using MSN TV, so it was time for an upgrade. Then we headed home for the rest of the evening.
Caleb riding his bike...looks like Opa is right behind him. :)
Look at him go...
On Thursday, Brian and I went to the gym with Omi again. Then we all headed into Richmond to visit the Children's Museum of Richmond. It is such a neat place, and if you're ever in that area I'd highly recommend it. Caleb and Micah had such a great time. After the museum, we headed over to HobbyTown USA because it's supposedly the largest one on the East Coast. Brian had to check it out. Then we all went to eat at Olive Garden and headed back home.

Caleb getting ready to climb the outdoor playset (inside).
Caleb and Opa check out the ambulance.
Caleb, the banker, helps his daddy get a loan. LOL!
Caleb gets to be teacher for a day...where did he ever see that face I wonder?!!?
Brian and Caleb play store clerk and customer.
Opa helps Micah check out the cash register.
Omi watching Micah reading his map. Doesn't he look so cute?
Opa helps Caleb fix the car at the garage. :)
Caleb riding on some riding toy...not sure what this is called.
Omi gives Brian and Micah a push on the riding toy.
Look at them go...
Caleb playing in the sandbox.
Micah playing in the sandbox.
Micah having lots of fun in the sand.
Caleb picking up sand with his new "tool."
Omi does the hula-hoop.
Micah making music...he loves to beat on stuff now. :)
Caleb with his art project...a bird.
On Friday, Brian and I went to the gym with Omi again. Then, we just sat around and did a bunch of nothing.
Saturday we headed up to Colonial Heights. We went to the mall for a bit, and then we headed over to Swaders Sports Park. Caleb, Opa, and Brian played a round of putt-putt. Then Caleb got to play some arcade games. After that, we headed home to watch a few movies.

We headed back home on Sunday. Again, it was a long trip, but both boys managed to take a few naps. It was a great trip, but we're glad to be back home and in our routines again.

Thanks Omi and Opa for taking care of us and showing us a good time. We love you all and can't wait to see you at the beach in July.


Sawatzky family said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! You were missed :)
Looks as though you had a great visit lots of great pictures thanks for sharing
Shelly and gang

Wendy said...

what a cool place to take the kids! I wish we had some place like that?

heidi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Glad you're back but also glad you had that time.

Nothing like time with the grandparents!!! Special in so many ways. My husband's parents, deceased now but were "ded or dedushka" and "baba or babushka." My husband is Belarussian. My parents, one side is Swedish (Mormor and Morfar) & Standard American with European roots.

Laura said...

Hi Sherrie! Yes, I did miss you, as a matter of fact! I was thinking the other day, "What happened to Boogers?" LOL!

Mighty M said...

Welcome back!! What a fun trip you had! Good luck catching up!! ;-)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

We missed you!!! What ever happened to the mobile blogging??? We thought we'd get updates. Oh, and the kid's museum looks so fun. Someday...

Sherrie said...

Musings of the Mrs -- yeah, I tried the mobile blogging while we were driving, but I couldn't get it to work. I'm thinking I'll set up an email to do it...we'll see. :)

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