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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need Supper Ideas from All You "Sport"-y Mommas

So, we got the call today letting us know who Caleb's T-ball coach will be. Yes, Lin, he's playing T-ball...the dreaded sport. LOL! I can't wait for you to read this. :)

Anyway, we were informed that he will have practices on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. He's playing in a town that is probably 15 minutes away, so we'll have to leave here around 5:35-5:40ish.

Now, my question for all of you...what in the world do I cook/fix for supper on those practice nights? This is seriously going to put a kink in my menu planning. LOL! Can you tell I'm really serious about my planning?!!?

I need some quick and fast supper ideas. If not, well, we'll be eating a lot of cereal, frozen foods (Caleb loves the Kid Cuisines in a pinch), or sandwiches. So, shoot some ideas my way. I really need them!

I know...we could eat once practice is over. But -- I think that would put us eating a tad too late for our liking, and I don't think we'd make it that long. Besides, once we get back home, it's going to be bath and bedtime! WOOHOO!

I look forward to hearing from all of you sport-y mommas!
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Lin said...

Forget the food, get Caleb a giant Latte at Starbucks to keep him from dozing off on the field! Oh wait, save the trip to Starbucks for you going to the "games". Hee! Hee! I want a full report on the boredom that transpires, Sherri. Sorry I can't be there (not), and think of me when you find your mind wandering. :)

How about hot dogs, BLT's, grilled cheese, Sloppy Joe's, something in the crock pot (that cooks all day), or soup. Avoid the concession stand at all cost! We always bought candy or food at Sam's so we had candy that was an alternative to the expensive concession stand.

Thanks for the chuckle!!

devri said...

if you couldnt' tell, everynight is soccermom night, with gymnastics, soccer, dance, blah blah blah,
I do my luch at breakfast time, I do my dinner at luch time, so we can eat, and go, and then bath and bed.. good luck@

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

How about just heating up some leftover spaghetti from a previous night? Of course, you could always have pizza.

Sherrie said...

Lin -- LOL! You seriously crack me up. I may have to get me some Starbucks. LOL! And I'll think of you every time we go to the ball field. :)

devri -- that sounds like a plan that may work. :)

Karen -- those are both good suggestions, too. I think I've decided I'll have to start supper around 4ish. :)

Shannon said...

Super quick meal: Thin boneless pork chops broiled in the oven only taken about 10-15 minutes to cook. They are also leaner and healthier. If one is not enough, then eat 2... or 3... there tiny and perfect w little ones. Boxed mac n cheese (or homemade). Add a veggie... my tip is buy kernel corn frozen, pour quantity you want in a glass dish, add a dallop of margarine and microwave for five minutes (no water)... the BEST corn ever because the flavor is not watered down like the can stuff. Hmmm.. I think you have inspired me to blog about this. Also, cooking some things ahead to freeze works well I here.

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