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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Basket Swap Goodies

I participated in my 2nd swap ever this season. Manic Mother hosted an Easter Basket Swap. We are always super eager to fill up Easter baskets for the kiddos, but how many times do WE get a basket? Ummm...never if you're me! LOL! Well, Manic Mother solved that this year. She randomly paired us up with another participant. Jen over at Buried with Children got my name. Can I just tell you how much I admire her? I mean, she's got FOUR kiddos...three of which are triplets. Can you say BUSY???? I don't know how she does it, but her blog is amazing. If you haven't visited her yet, go on over and check it out. She's a hoot!

And no...I did not sit by the door eagerly waiting for the mail carrier to ring the doorbell. Nope, I would never do such a thing. Besides, you all know that I've got two munchkins to take care of, so I'd never be able to just sit and wait like that. :)

Oh how I love to get mail...I don't care if it's homeschool materials, some random magazine/flyer, or a Christmas card. It is such a thrill to walk to the mailbox to see what might be inside. Yes, I dread bills as much as you do, and I hate getting them. But -- the other stuff...I'm all about it! :)

So, I was uber ecstatic when the doorbell rang this morning. It had finally arrived...my Easter basket (box) full of goodies. This is what I found inside...

I'm loving that polkadot tissue paper...super cute Jen!

Is this not the sweetest looking card??? It looks handmade to me...Jen am I right?Now, for the goodies...

**Easter potholder and kitchen towel..too cute and already in my kitchen waiting to be used.
**Easter cookie cutters...Caleb will LOVE making cookies with these.
**Choxie truffle chocolates...I've NEVER heard of these, but they are sooo cute and I can't wait to try them.
**Make it Bug Soap...let me just tell you -- Caleb LOVES bugs, and he is sooo going to love making this soap.
**Easter wall decoration...I almost grabbed this for my Easter Swap partner. :)
**Live your dreams shelf decoration...super cute and on my mantle already.

So, Jen...thank you sooooo much for all of the wonderful goodies. You did an awesome job! And thank you to Manic Mother for organizing the swap. I hope to do it again next year if the opportunity arises. :)

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Jen said...


I am so glad that you liked it. I wanted to include mostly things for you but some things for your boys as well. Hayden (my 4 year old) loved making the soap so I thought it would be a cool project for you. And those chocolates, so yummy.


PS The card is homemade but not by me. It is from another bloggy friend of mine.

Manic Mother said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing. I hope to do it again also, I love getting good mail too!

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