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Friday, April 3, 2009

Homeschool Week 39 in Review

Can I just say how proud I am that we stayed on track and focus this week? As much as I may have wanted to "skip" a day of homeschooling, we didn't. YEAH for us! LOL! Here's how things went this week:

Beginnings: Our theme was "Where Jesus Walked". Caleb learned about Bible lands, customs, dress, and transportation. He added "want" to his list of service words. "-ar", "-ark", "-ore", and "-orn" were added to our list of word families. Our story this week was Little Boy Jesus. Caleb did an excellent job with this book, and we are so proud of him.

Math: We continued to talk more about addition and subtraction. We alse reviewed some of the skills Caleb has learned thus far.

Bible: We reviewed questions 40-46 and 58 in the First Catechism. We also reviewed some of our Bible lessons from previous weeks.

Extra Stuff: We really didn't do much extra this week because of the nasty rain. It rained so much, and we are glad to see the sunshine. We will be picking strawberries at a local farm next week, and we are excited. Shh...don't tell Caleb...he doesn't know yet. :)

I also failed to mention that Caleb was dismissed from speech last week. We are soooo happy and proud that he has improved his speech enough to be dismissed. We will continue to work with him at home to make sure he doesn't regress, but he should be fine. We're soooo proud of him, and he's excited, too. :)

We were scheduled to have spring break next week, but we are postponing it until the week of the 19th. Omi is taking the 20th-28th of April off of work, so we will take spring break then and head on up to VA to do some visiting with Omi and Opa.

So, join us next week as we talk about "In the Garden." I'm sure Caleb is going to LOVE next week as we are all about the garden now. LOL!


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